When there is a new version of minecraft

When there is a new version of minecraft

Minecraft - a game, extremely popular among millions of gamers. It is interesting to the fans even in original form, but the release of any its new versions is welcomed by them and it is always expected with impatience. For players here usually there are many surprises - new moba, objects, blocks, etc.

Release of the new version of minecraft

It is necessary to tell that the Mojang company making a game pleases gamers with release of different additions and updates several times a year. At the same time at least one of such releases usually is global and makes very many various changes in game process doing it it is even more alive and more interesting.

In Minecraft 1.8 the player will have an opportunity to include the observation mode. At the same time to other gamers his character will see each other transparent, and he will not be able to break the single unit, but it will be easy to pass through them.


About when leaves next, capitally updated, the version of Minecraft, usually happens it is known nearly at the beginning of that year for which the release is planned. At the moment freshest seen the world on September 2 the 2014th 1.8. Her many gamers expected since first months of the above-stated year.

So far official sources keep persistent silence about for what temporarily the period is planned release some 1.8.1 because before the next year it for certain will not take place. At most, for what it is worth waiting, are corrections of bugs in 1.8 (certainly if those in general are) and, for example, festive, Christmas, an update as it often happens.

What will appear in the fresh version of a game

Fans of well-known "sandbox" are expected by a set of surprises. First of all they should face on the game course new moba. One of them - a rabbit, spaunyashchiysya in the forest and in mountains. Such small animals cannot be tamed, and they are rather afraid of players (as well as wild ocelots).

When killing this mob, small abrasive paper and the meat which is suiting for preparation of one of the most rich dishes in a game - stewed rabbit flesh drops out. Rare tracks - the rabbit claw serving for preparation of a potion of spring ability.

The rabbit murderer which can be distinguished from other types of these animals on red eyes will treat very hostilely the gamer's character. Also another is ready to the attack new mob - a cheshuynitsa of Edge, spaunyashchayasya at aggression or Endermen's movement. However, this being will disappear in a couple of minutes if not to name it by means of a label.

The sponge starting with version 1.8 will absorb water again. Its properties will extend to six cubes of liquid around it. The wet sponge loses such properties, but after dehumidification in the furnace becomes functional again.

Here and there in the deep ocean the underwater fortress will be generated from now on. There the gamer new types of blocks - different options of a prizmarin, - expect and also many valuable objects. However it is necessary to be extraordinary vigilant - all this is protected by guards (normal and ancient) whom to defeat incredibly difficult. After their killing it is possible to receive tracks in the form of fishes, splinters and crystals of a prizmarin and also a wet sponge.

Among the blocks added in version 1.8 - the andesite, a diorite and granite very similar between on texture. The mossy cobble-stone loved by many can be kraftit now, and - to put doors in stak on 64 objects.

From interesting objects - a sea lamp, new types of fences, a barrier (strong as the radical breed) is also resistant for armor. On the last to the player is permitted to place everything that he puts on himself: armor, pumpkin, heads, etc.

Something exchanged in a gameplay. For example, now the zacharovaniye will require certain resources (gold and lazurite), and it will cost several levels. The last, besides, it will become more difficult to receive.

Also the village of NPC is upgraded. Its inhabitants are subdivided into classes now, reap a crop, and will bargain by more strict rules - with the improved balance and a smaller element of chance in transactions. Besides, the gamer for trade will get valuable play experience.

Changes by the above-mentioned are not limited. However they are worth it to update the Minecraft up to 1.8 and to enjoy the opportunities which opened in it and also to begin to guess already that later versions of a game in the future will bring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team