Where it is possible to download license games for ps3

Where it is possible to download license games for ps3

Playstation 3 became the first console from Sony with a possibility of loading of video games from the Internet. Everything began in far 2006 when the complex online service of PlayStation Network was announced. With its help the owners of a prefix can get access to Internet library of video games.

PlayStation Network – multifunction Internet service for owners of PlayStation

PlayStation Network, or just PSN, represents the online platform for interaction between players and distribution of digital content which basis are license video games. Thus, by means of PlayStation Network the owners of consoles as PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and, of course, PlayStation 3 can select and download video games from network and also communicate and play together with the friends or casual gamers.

The PlayStation Network platform is available to players free of charge from the moment of connection of the console to the Internet, but some services require money for use.


PlayStation Store – online store of license video games

PlayStation Store is an official and perennial spring of video games for prefixes from Sony, since PlayStation 3. To use shop, the owner of the console should be connected to PlayStation Store through PlayStation Network. In shop the huge directory of video games which range is replenished every week is submitted. Here by means of different electronic payment methods it is possible to get any pleasant game then to load it on the prefix.

In PlayStation Store it is possible to download not only full games for PlayStation 3, but also demoversions of games, special additions and also videos and other content. It should be noted that in shop it is possible to get also the games developed for PlayStation 1 and 2, but adapted for work on PlayStation 3. It is good chance to fill up the collection for all fans of game classics.

Digital distribution of games has a number of pluses in comparison with distribution on physical media, such as optical disks of DVD or Blu-ray. It is obvious that it is much more convenient to buy a game in couple of clicking of buttons in PlayStation Store, without leaving the house, than in real shop. On the other hand, on downloading of a game a lot of time as Sony imposes certain high-speed restrictions for stable work of service can leave service. Therefore everyone solves, what option for it most we accept.

PlayStation Pluse – the system of distribution of license video games for PlayStation on a subscription

To owners of PlayStation 3, 4 and PlayStation Vita the Sony company gives to everyone an opportunity to subscribe PlayStation Pluse. For the period of action of a subscription the players receive discounts in PlayStation Store, a number of games for a certain sum every month without mezzanine board and other bonuses. PlayStation Pluse is made out for month, 3 months or year. Also there is an option of a trial subscription for 14 days which can use free of charge.

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