Where to buy old Soviet toys

Where to buy old Soviet toys

Old Soviet toys possess a certain power and sacral sense for this purpose generation which still found the USSR – grew, studied, fell in love and, of course, played different dolls, machines. The quality and simplicity of execution, however, were fallen in love not only to the Soviet kids, but also modern people. In this regard a question the Soviet toys are again demanded and are in demand.

Old Soviet toys today not a rarity. It is possible to find such practically in each family – they are stored at dachas, mezzanines, in garages, etc. But, despite this, demand for them does not weaken. And experts offer a number of the recommendations where it is possible to find the Soviet toys offered for sale.

Sometimes are engaged in search of the Soviet toys, without paying attention that in granaries there is already a number of such copies. The reason is simple – to find a favourite toy of the childhood which was not saved at home.


Where to buy old Soviet toys


If very much to try, it is possible even to find toys still of very old times – years of the 30-40th of the 20th century. For this purpose it is necessary to get acquainted with collectors. People who collect dolls machines, guns, etc., there is a lot of. As a rule, they talk to thematic forums on the Internet. For search of such source it is rather simple to gather request for search of a forum of collectors of old Soviet toys in any search service of the Internet. Further it is necessary only to register as the new user and to begin communication with fans of the Soviet past. Offers on purchase and sale usually are in special sections of such forum.

Getting a toy from the collector, it is possible and to bargain a little. However, than raritetny the copy and the is more difficult to get it, the less willingly the seller will reset the price.


As option, it is possible just to advertize in the specialized edition. People who want to sell the deposits of toys usually view such declarations, and the chance to find suitable toys is quite high.

Today a huge number of the websites which offer rarities of the Soviet childhood for sale is created. Here it is possible to view directories and to select toys necessary to you. The only thing, it should be taken into account that what costed in the Soviet childhood of kopek, is evaluated very expensively today. For example, the pedal machine for independent driving of children is on sale for 20,000 rubles. And it will be more expensive also than many modern radio-controlled copies. In computer shops it is possible to find and buy the Soviet electronics.

There is also one more option – to throw a call on all acquaintances and relatives. If at them the forgotten Soviet toys lie on the attic, there is a high probability that they will give them to you just like that. If all of you in decide to thank them financially, the price will be many times lower, than that that it is designated in network.

What should be considered

Being going to redeem a rare toy, be ready that it can be slightly podprocheny. It was played by children earlier, and it means that legs and lips at dolls can be colored by felt-tip pens, paws and tails at hares and bears are sewn and not one time, etc. But, as a rule, such toys undertake more as memory therefore they can forgive any shortcomings.

Besides, it should be taken into account that modern vendors on a wave of mass interest partially revived traditions of the Union and arranged production of similar dolls and other toys.

The Soviet toys are good for those who appreciate quality. Those years everything was protected by state standard specifications, including and toys. And it means that dangerous materials as it happens to modern Chinese prototypes were not applied to their production.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team