Where to find or make flint in Minecraft?

Where to find or make flint in Minecraft?

In Minecraft for creation of some extremely running things (for example, arrows or a flint) one very interesting resource - flint is necessary. Without having got it, it will be impossible to catch the above-stated objects in stock, and without them neither the portal to the Lower world not to activate, nor success in a fight with some dangerous moba should be expected.

In what breed flint meets

It is necessary to tell that to fill this resource in a game very not easy. The expense of those things for which production it is required is very big. For example, if the gamer went to the Lower world or to the Region and battles against local bosses (Witherer or a dragon), arrows in a similar fight will scatter from its stock with almost space speed. Them it is necessary to have very decent stock for similar tasks and therefore to expect to receive them only as Loot from the killed skeletons is not necessary - so them will be too little. For correctness it is necessary to make them independently.

In similar operations not to do without flint - it serves as material for tips of these killing tools. Meanwhile, independent fields of such resource in "Maynkraft" do not exist. It drops out only at extraction of other material (by the way, useless for a krafting) - gravel.


It is impossible to call the last expensive or seldom meeting. In its each chank happens enough, and it is better to look for it in natural deepenings (like holes in the earth) and also under water or in bowels of the earth. At its development the chance to find flint does not exceed ten percent. It is impossible to Skraftit so necessary resource.

Some cunnings on increase in extraction of flint

However certain tricks by means of which it is possible to achieve that extraction of flint several times will increase are known to many skilled gamers. For this purpose, for example, will not prevent to captivate the tool for gravel excavation (normally it is a shovel). Similar is carried out on a special table of a zacharovaniye. It should be surrounded as it is possible a large number of bookshelves - it increases the range of valid charms. It is necessary to select Good luck of the third level from all their list - then flint will drop out of gravel with absolute probability.

If yet this player has no table of a zacharovaniye and to kraftit it there is nothing (and for similar undertaking some very expensive resources are required - in particular, diamonds), it is worth trying to increase production of a valuable resource for production of arrows in a bit different way. For this purpose it is necessary to get as the bigger amount of gravel is possible and to put it in huge piles on any plain surface (better on the earth). Height of similar man-made constructions should reach at least ten blocks. Further by means of a shovel it is necessary to begin to sap under such mountains of gravel. Skilled players assure what at the same time drops out of it much more flint, than at its normal development.

When nearby there is a village of NPC in which at this gamer good reputation, and in its stock some valuable resources accumulated, it is worth trying to manage to get for them the necessary amount of flint there. It is possible to get for one trade operation four-five units of this material only from one countryman - the farmer. Recognize it by brown clothes (in same also the armorer goes, but at the last color of an attire is slightly more dark). The price of the above-stated amount of flint at it one - ten blocks of gravel or an emerald.

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