Where to insert tags

Where to insert tags

The HTML tags are inserted into the code of the page which will be transformed by the program (browser) to the interface of the page of the website subsequently. For an insert of descriptors you will need to open the HTML file in the text editor and to enter the corresponding tags in code locations on the page.


1. Create the HTML file means of a system or use already created document. For this purpose click on a desktop or in the separate folder with the right mouse button and select "Create" - "The text document". Enter the name for the created file, and instead of txt value after a point enter html. To open the HTML file in the editor, click on it with the right mouse button in select the Open with the Help item. Specify the Notepad point for editing the code in the appeared list of applications.

2. Create a page template by means of the corresponding tags. Enter <html> in the topmost part of the document. This tag is responsible for identification of the page with the browser and all other elements of the page should be put into it. It is necessary to open further the section <head> which is responsible for transfer of headings. Here all service information about the document is displayed, the code of scripts in other languages is specified, stylesheets of CSS are inserted. To set page heading which will be displayed in the top part of a window of the browser it is used the <title> tag </title>.

3. After the indication of the necessary data and closing </head> the section <body>, i.e. page bodies begins. Here page elements are specified in the fixed order, scripts are integrated and all other code fits in. The page contents displayed in the browser are specified in this tag: text, links, graphics, active elements of design. After a task of the list of elements to <body> usually there is its closing </body> and closing of the document </html> and editing comes to an end.

4. Thus, tags are inserted into the page in the following order:

<html> <head>
<! - Inclusion of the tags meta, link, script->
<title> Name of the page </title>
</head> <body>
<! - The text of the document and tags a, font, img, table, etc. which are responsible for design of a resource->
</body> </html>

5. Save changes in the written page, having used the File point - "Save". Click the file with the right mouse button and open the document by means of your browser through the Open with the Help command. Check display of elements on the page. The insert of HTML tags in the code is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team