Where to place a banner

Where to place a banner

The efficiency of placement of a banner in is defined by its arrangement on the page many. Depending on specific design the perfect place can change, however there are several checked zones which will be suitable for any project.


1. One of the most popular options of placement is a cap of the website. It is caused by the fact that users, visiting the page, first of all pay attention to several top centimeters. If they see attractive information there, then for certain will want to follow the link. Many standard templates already contain a necessary zone for placement of a banner in this place. An optimal variant – the extended horizontal images.

2. On an equal basis with a cap, the side bar or the menu of the website is popular. As a rule, there is a lot of place, and the user, being guided on the page, pays more attention just to structure. Horizontal options in this case will not approach. Most often use the extended vertical images or several square banners (100x100 or 200x200).

3. Recently the banners placed directly after heading gain popularity. First, the user with guarantee will pay attention to the image and will be able to analyze the offer. Secondly, information under heading can open better a subject of the main post (for example if it is banner ad from search engines) so the number of clicks will be rather large.

4. Best of all banners which are placed in the middle of the text work. Perhaps, they collect not so many viewings as images in a cap or the side menu, however the number of clicks are much higher here. Users, if they browse content, for certain will pay attention to the favorable offer. Especially strongly this point concerns the different attracting declarations like teasers.

5. Also you can place a banner after the text. It is not the best option, however it is also capable to collect the quite good number of clicks. The user already obtained information, but he will want to go somewhere further. The banner will serve as such conductor on the advertiser's website. Besides the similar banner can bring together the users who decided to thumb through just fluently the page in the bottom.

6. The place of a banner can change depending on a resource. For example, at forums of the image it is possible to place near the name of separate sections. Cases when advertizing was disguised under messages of users are also known. That is there was just the same element of the page as the answer of the visitor, however instead of the text the image was placed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team