Whether how to learn white ip

Whether how to learn white ip

Going on-line, not each user imagines all device of this "machine" and it and is not required from it. But it is necessary to learn about IP technologies sooner or later. Small knowledge about it will not damage to the user in any way, and on the contrary will supply with the information as it works.

It is required to you

  • computer connection to the Internet


1. The provider automatically issues the identifier of connection to each client at connection to the Internet. Without such identifier any user cannot connect to the Internet, visit the page of the search engine or in the personal account at provider. Internet Protocol (IP) integrates all computers and servers in one worldwide network, since small subnets of private provider and finishing with global open spaces of the Internet. Such spidery network turns out.

2. Conditionally separate IP (ayp) into gray and white. It not official, but slangy division – color does not matter, just like that it developed. The gray addresses of an aypa are called the local IP addresses and the internal IP addresses, actually it is synonyms. Respectively, if you hear "the Internet IP address", "the external IP address" or "the real IP address" - it will be synonyms to the white IP address.

3. If you want to check what ip is given by provider at connection to the Internet, make the following. Click "Start-up", you will select "Execute …", to the data entry field write "cmd". The command line of OS Windows having an appearance of a black window where it is necessary to enter the inconfig command is caused by this command. Thus, network settings the Internet will be displayed.

4. If in the line IP address begins with,, – that such aypa gray, and others will be white. But if Internet connection is implemented via the router, then your computer enters a local local area network. Such network gives the chance of simultaneous access to the Internet to 256 computers though from one to five home computers or phones are usually limited.

5. To learn the real address of an aypa when go on-line via the router, it is necessary to visit one of the websites – 2ip.ru or internet.yandex.ru. The first website will have a real address of an aypa given by provider after the lines "Your IP Address:". At the second the IP address is shown in the line "My IP:".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team