Whether it is necessary to register the website

Whether it is necessary to register the website

Probably, only lazy did not create still the website. And why to lag behind the times? By means of the website it is possible to declare itself widely or favourably to provide services or products of the campaign. Having selected and having registered (that someone else did not borrow) a domain name for the website, you think of a question whether it is necessary to be registered in some search engine? Generally search engines will reach your website over time. Here only when?


Even if you created the smart website with modern design features, there will be very few visitors, only acquaintances and friends know the address of your website. And nobody else simply will not visit your website. That learned as much as possible users about it, advertizing of the website, its promotion by means of search engines is necessary. It is necessary to consider that it is better to be registered in the searcher nevertheless when there are filled pages: their poor contents will not interest "spider", he will remember it, will return here at a distant day and will not add visitors. But also it is not necessary to wait for full filling of the website too: the number of visitors can gradually grow, in process of increase in pages. It is possible to register manually, process this not too difficult: the server needs to specify only the address of the main page of your website, and it is simple to follow the instruction further.

Registration of the website in the search engine will give about 70-80 new visitors a day, and it, you see, is a lot of. What is very important, search engines will bring target visitors on your website. Think: having received some request in Yandex, Google, or Rambler, the search engine issues the list of all websites having information on a matter of concern. Your website possesses too this information, but who knows about it?


To accelerate emergence in search engines, it is possible to register in specialized directories. However, manually it is almost impossible to register, but for this purpose there are different automatic programs.

As for the amateur websites created just to declare oneself or for communication with people of a certain focus of interest, here just the registration is optional. The robot of the search engine will find your website sooner or later and all the same will index.

Having placed the website on the free server, you can accumulate experience on its promotion and experiment.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team