Whether it is necessary to update NOD32

Whether it is necessary to update NOD32

The majority of modern programs require updates of own databases. The antivirus software, in particular NOD32 - is not an exception.

NOD32 update

It is known that update of anti-virus databases is the key to safety of your personal computer. Update of such databases should be applied to any similar software. The thing is that new types of the malicious software appear quite often, and developers of antiviruses should reveal, in turn, them and bring in bases of programs in order that they could find and eliminate in due time viruses, trojans and other programs such. As a result it turns out that in order that the antivirus was relevant and worked qualitatively, it always should have fresh base of signatures (special means and ways for detection of vulnerabilities and malicious applications).

Key feature of an antivirus of NOD32 is that it paid, that is for obtaining the fresh database the user of the personal computer should possess the special login and the password for authorization of an antivirus. After payment is made, the user will obtain these data which will need to be entered in the respective fields. Then, on the expiration of a certain amount of time, the database of an antivirus will be automatically updated that will allow the owner of the PC not to worry for safety of the information.


Setup of updates for NOD32

After input of the login and the password for authorization of an antivirus of NOD32, the user needs to configure installation of updates. Setup of the system of updates is performed in a special window of an antivirus (""Setup""). At first, it is required to specify that server from which fresh updates for the database of an antivirus will come in the Server of Updates field. It is the best of all to select an indicator ""Select automatically"". In this case updates will come from the official server of NOD32 developers. The user can specify a certain directory on the computer, having selected which, the antivirus will perform update of databases in offline the mode (that is for this purpose the entrance to network will not be required). Of course, at first such base needs to be downloaded, and after it to specify path to it. In the Advanced settings tab the user can set certain parameters of update some components directly the program, install confirmation request which will appear in case of obtaining the file which amount the user exceeds indicated values, etc. Besides, will be able to clean an antivirus cache by means of the Clean button, sometimes this information becomes too much and it occupies quite big hard drive space of the computer. After installation of all necessary parameters, updates will work exactly as it is necessary for you.

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