Why hackers cracked 450 thousand users of Yahoo

Why hackers cracked 450 thousand users of Yahoo

Everything began since 1994, with emergence of the website "Gerry's Guide to the World Wide Web". Now it is not the normal website, but the Internet portal "Yahoo! Directory" integrating in itself several services, the second in value search engine. Quite recently Yahoo! endured the attack of hackers.


At the beginning of July, 2012 the group of the hackers naming themselves D33D published personal data (passwords and logins) of 450 thousand users of different servers of the Yahoo! portal on the website. For cracking they used the normal SQL code which is one of widespread ways of cracking of the websites and programs working with different databases. Researchers, having carried out the analysis, confirmed that this information is not provocative. The laid-out data really belonged to users of servers.

On researches of data it is possible to tell that huge most of users used very simple passwords for protection of the data. The most popular was 123456. The company apologized all registered and advised to change it the passwords on Yahoo! services for the purpose of safety.


The Internet corporation makes investigation on cracking of the system. There are data that most of hackers were from Ukraine. The cause of such incident specialists call outdated reserve service "Associated Content" which to Yahoo! was bought in 2010. Paths of elimination of defects are conducted.

After this incident in network information on cracking of accounts of users of other portals, including ""Formspring"", ""Last.fm"" and LinkedIn repeatedly began to appear.

Group of hackers of D33D very easily explain the reason of cracking of such Internet giant. The thing is that they only wanted to show the companies that its security system is not perfect. It has gaps and defects, even the school student can crack all system. Hackers did not receive own benefit, and pursued only a noble mission – to help the company. "We hope that the employees who are responsible for safety of the domain will apprehend our intervention as an alarming sign, but not threat" — such is information in a post on the website D33D Company.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team