Why high lower pressure

Why high lower pressure

Arterial blood pressure consists of two indicators: systolic (top) and diastolic (lower). These indicators can raise both in total, and separately, depending on the reasons provoking their rise.


Diastolic (lower) pressure arises in the course of resistance of vascular walls at the time of the greatest relaxation of a cardiac muscle. This minimum pressure of blood in arteries.

Increase in diastolic pressure can have the different reasons. It can rise after the postponed stress or nervous exhaustion, be a consequence of overfatigue of all organism in general or cardioneurosis.


But also the fact that increase in diastolic pressure signals about some serious malfunctions in an organism caused by different diseases is not excluded.

If in your organism the liquid delay is observed, then the vascular wall swells, its gleam is strongly narrowed and, as a result, the lower pressure increases. In this case it is necessary to seek to bring excess liquid out of an organism, to accept diuretics on doctor's orders, to salt insufficiently food, etc.

Problems with kidneys which lead to a liquid delay in an organism can also become the reason of the increased diastolic pressure. Therefore it is necessary to treat the chronic diseases influencing indicators of arterial blood pressure.

Failures in work of the central nervous system can lead to increase in diastolic pressure. Owing to numerous stresses it can be produced a lot of adrenaline therefore the doctor sometimes attributes the drugs relating to group of adreno-blockers: such as Metroprolol, "Verapamil", "Atenolol", etc. They reduce diastolic pressure, remove such often accompanying symptoms as tachycardia and arrhythmia.

Heart troubles, such as ischemia, stenocardia, heart attack, different inflammatory processes in a cardiac muscle can lead to increase in diastolic pressure also. In such cases the complex therapy under control of the doctor is necessary.

If you observe excess weight, you do not monitor the food allowance, smoke or consume a lot of alcohol, your heart probably simply does not cope with similar loading and, as a result, you observe increase in the lower pressure.

If the problem disturbs you long ago and constantly, besides, is followed by heartaches, reconsider the way of life, pass necessary medical researches, strengthen the health by means of failure from smoking, alcohol and other addictions.


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