Why in the browser tabs of online casino open

Why in the browser tabs of online casino open

Quite unpleasant situation when after start of the browser, in it by itself the tab of online casino, online store or website with obscene content opens. At first sight everything is simple: closed a tab and continued work on the Internet, but importunate advertizing will continue to appear with enviable regularity.

To all fault the malicious software under the name ADWARE. It is not a virus as the program does not set as the purpose damage of system resources and files of the user. ADWARE - just the program  which implements expansions necessary to it in settings of the browser and with their help does the same online casino by the home page. The user himself in most cases installs this malicious software on the computer, without thinking of safety, having downloaded and having installed software from the unchecked website. 

Any IT company is interested in advance of the product, whether it be the program or the small utility. Respectively, downloading the necessary software from the official site of the developer, it is possible to be sure that in an install package there will be only a program necessary to you without surprises. The piracy websites on which the whole libraries of diverse software for every taste as well as users, take the necessary programs from the websites of the developer are posted, but pack them into the setup packages. There also aggressive advertizing as which customers owners of online casino and similar resources act can contain. 

Not all antiviruses will find the malicious application in the installation file or archive. Unfortunately, users trust safety of the computer to free antiviruses, ignoring their limited functionality. If ADWARE got on the computer, the free Adwcleaner utility will help to delete it. Similar utilities a set, they are simple and intuitive in use. It is possible to try to delete manually, I do not resort to the help of special software. It becomes so:

  • delete everything unknown expansions in settings of the browser; 
  • delete all programs on the computer which were installed before in the browser in itself tabs began to open and the home page changed;
  • delete the programs unknown to you by the name even if they were not installed. It is possible to be guided by number of estimated infection in a window of the installed programs, installation date is opposite to the name; 
  • delete all labels of browsers (malicious software is frequent registers the home page in properties of labels) from a desktop and install them repeatedly, having copied from an installation directory (as a rule it is the section C-Program Files-название of the browser).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team