Why search engines are necessary: a role in modern Internet space

Why search engines are necessary: a role in modern Internet space

On the one hand, today any information thanks to a variety of search engines and their help in obtaining necessary data is available to each person. With another, market economy and aspiration of everyone "earn" led to the fact that the Internet became, roughly speaking, "dump" of information among which it is difficult to find something standing, using only search engines and not knowing full references on really useful resources.

"Who possesses information, that rules the world"

The well-known phrase of the famous banker became "winged" long before emergence of a wide area network, however the further there is a process of technological development of Internet communications, the thought put in expression becomes more relevant. It became much simpler to take control of information thanks to search engines and their smooth instant operation presently. Today will submit any inquiry in a search string to you thousands of solutions and options among which practically it is always possible to select what really will be useful for you.

"Select a loaf, a loaf whom you want"

Users of a wide area network have a wide choice of use of search engines. It both Yandex, and Google, and Yahoo, and even Mail.ru. Some of them are most popular, some – less. However each of them performs the work approximately on one scheme – you enter request into a search string, click "find", and the system issues you the list of the websites on which information necessary for you is located.


On the one hand, it is good that the user has a choice, and it can pick up to itself(himself) that system in which to it it is the most comfortable. However such rich variety often can lead to the fact that the same person, trying to find information in different systems, will come across contradictions. So, wandering about the websites and "jumping" from Yandex in Google, the person rolls in articles and programs offered it, wasting time and nerves.

"Who orders music, that also dances"

The feature of modern Internet space is that today it became the wide field of opportunities for development of business and receiving additional income. As success of any business, in many respects, depends on advertizing, possibilities of advertizing on the Internet are almost boundless today.

Almost each Internet site provides services in advertizing today, and search engines did not stand aside. As they are the most popular resources in networks, advertizing in Yandex today or in Google gives the greatest effect to the customer. For businessmen it is undoubted plus, however for users – huge minus. The problem consists in substitution of concepts and "failure" of the most relevant articles and resources in search results. In other words, the search engine will issue you several pages of result with links to the websites which more others invested in advertizing while the resource, really useful to you, will be in the end of the list, and not the fact that you in general will reach it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team