Why Skype does not work

Why Skype does not work

The Skype program is intended for video conference of users with each other. The broad functionality allows to transfer also messages, graphics images and sound files. But as well as all programs installed on the computer, Skype is subject to system faults which lead to errors in work.

Blocking by a firewall

The most common cause because of which skype, blocking does not work with a firewall. This program is intended for control of applications for which access to the network is necessary. At the first start of such application, the firewall or blocks it automatically if it is provided by settings, or asks the user: allow the program Internet connection or not. To disable a firewall come into the control panel, "windows Firewall", "Inclusion and shutdown of a firewall", check opposite to shutdown and click "Ok".

Blocking by the antivirus software

Some antivirus software have the same properties, as a firewall. Exercising complete control of applications, the antivirus monitors safety of a system more carefully. Probability of hit of a virus through network decreases. Most often in the interface of such antiviral programs there is a function controlling Internet access. That Skype earned, turn off this function. If it is absent, disconnect an antivirus.

After end of a videoconference do not forget to start an antivirus.

Absence of network

The following reason – lack of access to network. It is possible to check it, having come on any web resource via the browser. If the page did not open, then there is no Internet access unambiguously. Two things can be the reason for that. The first and the most harmless – unpaid balance, the second – fault of the router.

The balance can be checked in a personal account of the provider. All necessary information for run in a personal account is specified in the contract.

At zero balance most providers provide the five-day promised payment.


To reveal the second problem, it is necessary to make a small amount of manipulations. For a start evaluate operability of the router. Then try to be connected to the Internet directly through a cable. Having connected, call the operator of your network and ask to check a connection status. If it is active, then unambiguously the reason in the router. It is possible to configure it manually, through the address "". Or by means of a disk which went complete with the router. If it does not give in to setup, then most likely the net board burned down.

Replacement of a component

One more reason is a replacement of a necessary component. Such case is possible that at installation of some application, the user accidentally specified installation path to the folder with the Skype program. And at installation, the component from this application replaced a component with the same name from Skype. The result of it is an error in work of the last. To liquidate this problem, uninstall Skype and again install.

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