Why the Opera does not open

Why the Opera does not open

Opera – the modern browser which is familiar literally to any user. The functionality of this observer is capable to load practically all web resources for read seconds. But as well as everything, the programs installed on the computer, the Opera it is subject to many factors, both from the system, and from user side which can make it incapacitated.

Loss of path to the file

Loss of path to the installed file can be the first and main reason for which the Opera is not started. It is that case when the user tries to open the program, clicking a mouse on a label, and instead the search window in which it is necessary to specify where the program is installed appears. The system is the reason of such errors. After incorrect reset of the computer or its sudden switching off, the system, sometimes can "forget" kind of into what disk space the file was loaded. The hard drive is filled unevenly. For prevention of similar things it is regularly necessary to carry out defragmentation of a disk and cleaning of the register. It is possible to eliminate a similar error just having specified path in a search window. Usually, if at installation settings did not change, then the browser is installed on a local drive (C:) in the Program Files folder.

Infection with a virus

Infection with a virus can act as one more reason. The similar unpleasant piece can get on the computer when downloading something from the Internet from unchecked sources. Or when using the USB stick which before it was at the user with the infected computer. The most popular virus such is "Recycler". Visually it is presented in the folder form with the above-stated name. If something similar is included in the folder with the program, then unambiguously puts it out of action. Even if the antivirus did not define that at the computer there is a malicious software, it will be evident to look as increase in weight of the file. Free space size on a disk will constantly decrease. It is possible to solve it a problem in two ways: thorough check of all system the antivirus software with the latest version of anti-virus bases or formatting of all local disks with the subsequent reinstallation of OS.

Blocking by the third-party program

The firewall could also block the opera. It is the standard Windows program as which main objective control of applications connection to network acts. It certainly increases safety of the computer, but in certain cases complicates work to some software. Usually before application launch which needs access to network the firewall does not block him, and provides the choice to the user. But sometimes blocking is automatic. For recovery of work of the Opera come into the control panel and disable Windows firewall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team