Why there is no contact with the server

Why there is no contact with the server

The architecture of networks is a complex system which work can be followed by errors and malfunctions. Almost each active user of the computer met the inscription "Error of Access to the Server", whether it be not found website or an error of connection of the application.


At first make sure that communication is broken only with the specific server. Try to be connected to others and to view web pages in the browser. Perhaps, a problem in connection to the Internet, settings of your connection or errors in work of provider. Reboot also network devices. If necessary contact technical support of the company providing you services of the Internet.

One of the most frequent of the reasons is use of the wrong address. Make sure that you enter the correct name of the web page or the IP address. They could be replaced or stop the existence.


The impossibility of access to it for the physical reasons can be the reason of lack of a possibility of connection to the server. The computer can be switched-off hardware, to be broken, or at a system there can be malfunctions of the communication link connecting the machine to the Internet.

Security policy can be other reason of lack of communication. The IP address of your computer can be entered for one reason or another in the black list of the server prohibiting all or some types of connection. On the other hand, cases of the reasons of the ban of connection proceeding from client side are frequent. Make sure that antivirus software or network monitors of your computer or server of corporate network do not block the address to which you want to be connected.

If communication is constructed on the basis of use of the client programs connected to the server, contact on the website of the developer and make sure that you use the latest version. Otherwise update the program. If you use the client program, stereotyped, but compatible to the server, then try to install other versions of the software or the original version of a product.

The error of connection can be connected with trace of a route to the server. Use the corresponding commands of check. Perhaps, the request for connection to the server just does not reach the addressee because of malfunctions in intermediate nodes.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team