Why Wikipedia raises money for existence

Why Wikipedia raises money for existence

"Wikipedia" belongs to Wikimedia Foundation non-profit organization which was founded for project management, intended for collective development. As the organization having the owner's rights is not commercial, all attachments leave on maintenance of operability of the website. Money for its contents goes from donations.

Unlike many other user websites, "Wikipedia" does not place any advertizing. The fact is that the website is intended for global collective cooperation, and advertizing on it would deprive a resource and its some articles of neutral coloring. The website is developed by ordinary users, and such reputation is not compatible to commerce.

The idea about mass public organization is concluded in the name of a resource. The root of "Wicca" means the website or a web resource which can be modified by any his visitor. It is the free open encyclopedic source developed by collective work.


Where money leaves


On maintenance of work of the website many means are required. Here salary for employees, expenses on office, space on the server, the performance of data processing or, in other words, power of work of the website, the software enter.

As funds for the maintenance of a resource arrive

"Wikipedia" receives the most part of donations online. Every year the organization organizes several campaigns for fund raising. Usually they occur 3-4 times a year. They occupy media and donations of users. Financial aid can be provided by means of PayPal, the cash card, but "Wikipedia" also accepts checks, the state securities and bank transfers.

The organization gives preference to donations of users. Nevertheless, "Wikipedia" has sponsors, and it received a small amount of grants.

At "Wikipedia" of 10 main patrons among whom there are a Stanton Foundation company, the aid programs Google Matching Gifts and Microsoft Matching Gifts.

The owner online of a resource keeps the transparent policy concerning expenses as the core values of the organization are neutrality and cooperation.

Though the lion's share of donations arrives online, "Wikipedia" organizes charitable actions within the campaigns for fund raising. Sometimes "Wikipedia" is supported, providing free of charge technical assistance, namely: server, hosting and power consumption.

It is possible to find detailed information on donation opportunities on the website Wikipedia.org.


What "Wikipedia" does not take money for

"Wikipedia" pays nothing itself for articles on the website as they are free of charge written by users. Many basic functions of "Wikipedia" are supported thanks to volunteer work of specialists who gratuitously give technical support. Special volunteer committees manage this work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team