Witcher 3. How many endings in a game?

Witcher 3. How many endings in a game?

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The game "Witcher 3" can be considered one of the most large-scale and popular among all games in the world. Here hundreds of different quests, set of branches of a plot and, of course, several endings. What endings are in a game and how to receive them?

Bad ending

In this ending of Tsiri goes on a secret meeting to Belov to a hlad, but back does not come. It is unknown even whether she survived. However at such final of legendary history it is considered that our hero did not cope with a role of the mentor. However the main character finds the 3rd witch, kills, selects a medallion and leaves to grieve. To achieve this completion of the greatest travel of the soldier, it is necessary to satisfy these conditions:

These conditions will allow to achieve a bad ending.

Good ending

Here Tsiri not only will meet the White hlad, but also will return after that. Then Tsiri will go straight to Nilfgaard and will become the full empress. As for Geralt, he will be an excellent mentor here. Nevertheless not at everyone it will turn out to grow up the girl who reached the empress.

To achieve a good ending, it is necessary to make the following (enough 2 actions):

It is also important to carry out 3 tasks:

Execution of conditions will give a good ending. But there is also an excellent final.

Excellent ending

Here Tsiri will be a vedmachka, and the glory about it will quickly scatter on the Universe. The main soldier will appear the excellent mentor who trained the fighter equal to. For receiving an excellent ending in test "A landscape after …" it is not necessary to leave to Em Gyra, and to go directly to the Bald Mountain. It is also important to satisfy 2 conditions from 4:


It should be noted that definition of the whole three endings of the Witcher 3 – not the only amazing thing in a kanonichny game. Here several dozen key characters, a set of quests and tasks and also hundreds of key events changing a story line. After all, it is worth remembering how many forces were put how many development cost and the world is worked how out.

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