Witcher 3. How to pass quest of Cabaret?

Witcher 3. How to pass quest of Cabaret?

Quest of ""Cabaret"" very interesting task. It allows to distract from the base story line and battles in general. Instead of killing monsters, Geralt should help the friend Lyutik with the organization of cabaret.

Cabaret - minor quest with which we should help the longtime friend - the bard Lyutik. Its essence is that the troubadour inherited brothel under the name "Sage and Rosemary" which wants to remake in other institution.

Beginning of history

After the witcher saves the Buttercup from the sorcerers hunters, it goes to it to "A sage and rosemary" to talk. On the place he finds a small quarrel between the friend and Priscilla.

She accuses him that it too long delays decision-making and leaves. Geralt speaks with the bard and learns that that wanted to make of brothel of cabaret. But, here an ill luck, it has no money.

The buttercup asks for help of us, at the same time it is simple to give it the necessary sum it will not turn out, he will tell that he cannot borrow such big money at the old friend. But it has a plan how to catch necessary means, and to help performed by this plan just our task.

The bard has an old acquaintance by the name of Scholasticism which just has money. It is necessary to help to convince her to lend a part to our musician. The White Wolf does not manage to learn plan details, however he already receives the first task from the Buttercup. It is necessary to take a fake sword in theater from Irène Renard and to come to the house of Scholasticism.

Cunning plan

Having met the Buttercup in the right place, at last we learn what needs to be done. It turns out that Scholasticism - the big lover of adventure novels. The plan of the bard and shines with genius - we should pretend to be the bandit who attacks the girl, and the Buttercup, will appear in an image of the Purple avenger and heroically will save it then it will be ready for anything to thank the hero.

The choice is small therefore Geralt agrees and when the Scholasticism comes, we play the small setting. The girl believes that everything really happens therefore the Buttercup engages with us, wins and we disappear. After that the bard together with the girlfriend goes to her home.

We come to "A sage and rosemary" next morning, but we meet there only Priscilla and a krasnolyud who is a foreman at repairmen. He wants us to solve in what style there will be a room: boudoir or theater.

After we help with the choice, Priscilla will tell that the Buttercup went to the girl by the name of Polly. Geralt learns where to find her, and goes there.

Medicine for jealousy

Having found the right place, we see our friend who violently knocks at the door. We ask in what business and we find out that Polly is a talented dancer, and the husband does not let it to work to the Buttercup because thinks that there still brothel.

There are two options of actions. The first - to give the chance to the Buttercup to convince Polly's husband words, having explained that now there not brothel, but other institution. The second - to beat the husband and by force to force him to release the wife.

Last problem

Further the Buttercup says that there was one more business which needs to be completed. It ordered boards from the artist by the name of Latrek, but that did not bring them.

The witcher agrees to descend to the artist and to learn in what business. In Latrek's house we meet creditors to whom that ran into debt. They are not eager to tell something to us therefore a fight begins.

If we won, then will issue us information where it is possible to find Latrek. If we were beaten, then it is necessary to leave and look for most.

Latrek very hazardous nizushka therefore the White Wolf decides to look for him on jumps at Vegelbudov. Exactly there we also find it, but he refuses to perform the work because on it a huge debt.

Here it is necessary to select. It is possible to refuse posters or to help Latrek to pay a debt. It is possible to help as money, and having won jumps.

After that we come back to the Buttercup. The quest is taken place.

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