Witcher 3: how to pass quest of the hostess of the wood?

Witcher 3: how to pass quest of the hostess of the wood?

When you play the game "Witcher 3", on the path you meet different quests! One of the main quests is "Hostesses of the wood".

Short preface

To start passing, it is necessary to read the book which lies in stock and is called also as quest! After reading of the book you on the card have a new tag on the card, you should go to it.

There is a wish to give to you one necessary advice: At the end of "The hostess of the wood" you will not make a right choice because it is absent, and cannot be, and any solution which you select will lead to any given consequences!

Passing of the Witcher 3 is rather difficult piece which requires a certain patience, finding of excellent weapon and execution enough difficult quests. If you are ready, then dare – the world "the Witcher 3" waits for you!

Passing of quest

On the way to a tag you will see a footpath from delicacies which will remind you very famous fairy tale at once! This footpath will indicate to you that you are on a right way! As soon as you reach a hut near which children play, it is necessary to start a conversation with them at once and to conduct negotiations until the grandmother who will interrupt your conversation is! And she in general will send one child who tells you about Ivasik to a corner! Now to us are necessary to use cunning a little to find information about Tsiri, and Ivasik knows only it and it is possible to learn only from him! We begin to play hide-and-seek with children, and it will be quite simple to find them during the game, thanks to your intuition! Thanks to hide-and-seek we obtain information about Ivasik! You need to go on a tag which appeared at you on the card and at the end of path you will find the little boy which it is not similar to the person at all! It silently will lead you to a ledge on which there will be a slot with harpies whom you should kill to take a bottle in which there is a liquid which will return a voice to Ivasik! And eventually he will promise you get to talking the grandmother!

After all, you will see the grandmother who approaches a picture in which three lovely girls are represented, then she will read a spell and will force these three mischievous voices to speak!

They will agree to tell us about Tsiri, but only after we execute for them service. It will be necessary to go to the swamp to one village and to get a dialog with the head which will need to be helped at the request of those Hostesses of the wood. From you nothing supernatural is required, it is necessary to understand strange deaths which occur here only! To understand what here occurs, it is necessary to go to a tag which appeared at you on the card, and you will reach the hill, and on it you will see a big tree! In the neighborhood of a tree you should kill wolves and one volkolak. And after that you should look for path to a tree or under a tree! And eventually you will find a cave, having entered which you will appear directly under a tree and near huge heart which talks!

Having listened to a story of this heart, you will need to make the decision, but we will remind that you will not find the correct solution as anyway there will be any given consequences and the victims! But one of solutions which is selected by many, it to kill all protection of heart and to kill heart! Exactly thanks to this solution you satisfy a request of hostesses! Then it is necessary to come to light and to charge a fee at the head for Hostesses and to go back to the village! After you bring a payment of the head, at once obtain information, but it is necessary to ask witches absolutely on everything because it will help you further!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team