Witcher 3: how to pass quest of the Treasure of the graph Royvena?

Witcher 3: how to pass quest of the Treasure of the graph Royvena?

The quest of "A treasure of the graph Royvena" is fascinating and mostly a detective task without which it is impossible to move further on the base story line of a game. Pass quest not so difficult, but there are several nuances.

Role-playing game ""Witcher 3: Wild Hunting"" is filled with various fascinating quests which it is interesting to pass not once. But not all quests are easily taken place and there is not always time to change the same task several times to learn what the choice made earlier affected and whether it is possible to achieve the best result.

The quest of "A treasure of the graph Royvena" is subject, and, so obligatory to passing. It is very fascinating and reigrabelny as for its end it is possible to go three different paths.  


The buttercup gets mixed up in troubles: during the next love affair it plunders treasury of the influential count Royven and after that completely vanishes. Geralt wants to help the friend, he goes to Whitefishes to Royven to learn about the fate of the Buttercup.

The count Royven owns a bath, and hides under it, in a special hiding place, quite decent riches. Its treasury is inconsiderately plundered, having blown up one of walls connecting a hiding place and the sewerage. And even serious protection does not manage to delay robbers. The graph is the old acquaintance of the witcher – the former head of redansky investigation Diykstry. He asks to make Geralta investigation to find the gone good.

So, first of all you should find proofs. For this purpose talk to the witness, and later search the sewerage. The sewerage is protected from thieves by the special fungus deadly to people. Therefore before a campaign it is necessary to drink there special antidote which Diykstra should give you. You will find in the sewerage several utopets, a corpse of one unlucky robber, a part of the thrown treasures and also what remained from a bomb. Geralt will draw a conclusion that a bomb was detonated directly from baths, to be exact threw into a drain of one of pools, and treasures took away by the boat.

Return to a bath and examine pools. You will find incontestable proofs in one of rooms – a trace of oil and a part of a bomb. Further you need to learn who this day visited these bathtubs. The margrave Henkel will be this person.

Later approach Diykstra and transfer it all collected information. It will become clear that the margrave rested long ago, and, so just used his name. However Geralt will decide to check just in case Henkel's house as it after the death of the owner was abandoned.

House of the margrave

Go to the abandoned house of Henkel. The input is filled with boards, remove them by means of the sign Aard. Rise by the second floor, on a table you will find a note and a bottle of wine in one of rooms. It is necessary to insert this bottle into special deepening in a wall in the neighboring room, then the door to the secret room will open.

Search this room. Geralt will find incontestable proofs that it was visited by robbers and also the letter which will put it on a new track – a certain Menge organization which is engaged in catching of sorcerers. Treasury at them, as well as the necessary information on the Buttercup.

Go down on the first floor and talk to Dijkstra. During discussion all will come to a conclusion that it is necessary to get to Menge's headquarters. To the magic help to business it will be attracted Tris, the old acquaintance Geralta.

Headquarters of inquisition

At midnight you approach the meeting place with Tris (not earlier) and go together with it to a den of the Menge organization. The headquarters is very well protected, to get there unnoticed or it is impossible to take it by assault. To get inside, Geralt and Tris will develop the plan according to which Tris will pretend to be a captive, and Geralt – that who brought it into inquisition for receiving an award.

Further succession of events can go three paths, the further relations Geralta and Tris and also time of passing of a mission depend on it.

  • Geralt Tris does not give, refuses to subject the workmate to tortures and loses an opportunity to find any information. If you select this option, be going to accept battle with a large number of opponents. After fight search the room, read Menge's papers, take the book and return to Diykstra. It will put you on a track of the spy. Insert the book into deepening about the Eternal Flame in the specified hiding place, and then go to the meeting place and wait for the agent of inquisition. When it appears, interrogate it, and then kill or, what is more humane, erase to it memory.
  • Geralt Tris gives, but refuses to subject it to tortures. In this case it is possible to learn about a treasure and the Buttercup, but fight will not be easier at all, than in the first option.
  • Geralt Tris Menge gives and allows tortures. This option the most mean, but at the same time idle time. While Tris torture, it is possible to find all necessary information, it is even necessary to kill nobody. Tris will make everything: will kill Caleb Menge, will search his corpse, will find a key and will burn the headquarters. You will need to hand all to Royven.

Later go to Priscilla and tell her everything that learned about the Buttercup. The mission will be completed.

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