Witcher 3: how to pass quest Wild heart?

Witcher 3: how to pass quest Wild heart?

The witcher 3 in addition to an unforgettable story line, has a huge number of additional tasks. Their number includes so-called orders. Each of them is literally impregnated with the gloomy atmosphere of the world of a game. Quest "Wild heart" – just one of such orders.

Tragedy Nellena

To start passing of quest "Wild heart", it is necessary to receive on it the order. It is possible to make it at a bulletin board in the village of Yavornik which is in Velena. A customer is a certain Nellen, the hunter from the village Big boughs. At unfortunate the wife was gone...

It is possible to reach the settlement necessary to us by means of fast movement or on a horse.

On the place we ask when Nellen saw the wife last time. The inconsolable man tells that he five days ago, leaving on hunting, left it still sleeping, and returned to the become empty log hut. At the same time we learn that Gan, so called the gone woman, was reserved, but sometimes looked for children of the smith and communicated with Glenna, the butcher's wife a little.

Before going to the forest, we will poll the smith and Hannah's girlfriend. Having got some more information about disappearance, we go to the forest to find traces of the gone woman. There we will meet pack of wolves about which people in the village spoke, we kill them.

After punishment Margreta, the sister of gone will approach us. The woman offers the transaction: she will pay twice more Nellen if the witcher refuses search.

On this moment we can finish our mission, having agreed to take money from Margreta.

If we refuse, Margret will leave, and the task will proceed.

Search of traces

So, using a vedmachya intuition, we look for any catches which will help to open a secret of disappearance of Hannah. In the designated area we examine traces of claws, a dead dog and then the woman's corpse probably that which we look for. From what was seen of Geralt will draw a conclusion that we deal with volkolaky. We find traces of this animal which break on a tree.

Again catches are necessary to pass further, it is necessary to find a small shred of wool of a volkolak behind a tree, then we will be able to pass further on a smell. We find hunting to a witness mark, in it there is a note from which it is possible to learn that Nellen also is volkolak.

The hunter learned to control to himself and when time comes, just goes to the forest not to do to people harm. So it or not – is already unimportant.

Using a vedmachya intuition, we search for a den of a volkolak.

It is possible to make it – the den is under a hunting lodge. We go down and come into a cave. Now it is necessary to wait for night by means of meditation.

Fight with the werewolf

After midnight will appear in a cave volkolak. We use necessary potions, oils and we engage with a monster. The opponent is not really difficult, especially if it is good to be prepared, we battle against him, we will not take away two thirds of health yet.

After that Nellen will not be able to fight, having weakened from wounds. But we get terrible more information of this improbable vital drama.

The choice of the final, as usual, for the witcher. We can leave Margret on worry to Nellen, or we will wish to save this woman. Anyway, we should kill a volkolak. Having searched his corpse, it is possible to find a key which will open one of chests in the hunter's lodge. On it the task will be performed.

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