Yana Rudkovskaya's son was taken away on the ambulance after the training

Yana Rudkovskaya's son was taken away on the ambulance after the training

Yana Rudkovskaya's son was sent on ambulance after the last unsuccessful training where Sasha executed a double loop jump (by the way, quite difficult jump in figure skating).

What happened to Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko's son?

Several days later in official Instagram of Sasha there was video where Yana removed the son and asked about recently traumatized. As it turned out, it was section of a chin.

According to Rudkovskaya, in it there is nothing terrible and already literally in several days Sasha will continue trainings in the normal mode.

The son Evgeny Plushenko has ahead very many performances. For example, very soon in Hungary, Spain and Italy. There is no time for rest at all...

"I think if we move in this way further, then he will become the quite good athlete", ― Evgeny answered.

Many, on the contrary, are negative to such load of Sasha from his parents and guess that he does not wish to be engaged in figure skating at all... therefore all the time sad and sad goes.

 Tatyana Navka who told that Sasha - the improbable workaholic and him nobody forces to be engaged in figure skating because he wants to become the Olympic champion interceded for such opinions of commentators towards Sasha!

The interesting biographic facts from Yana Rudkovskaya's life

By the way, It should be noted that Yana Rudkovskaya studied very well and graduated from normal school with a silver medal (because of one conflict with the teacher of physics), and musical about gold. By training she is dermatologist. Graduated from the Altai medical university and right at the beginning went in the footsteps of the mom who is a candidate of medical sciences. Thanks to the got education, Yana managed to open several salons in the city of Sochi. As Rudkovskaya notes, without the aid of parents, grandfathers and grandmothers nothing it would be!

But, probably, life of Yana is the strongest Evgeny Plushenko who became for it the real support and support in the most hard times and moments of life changed.

"ANY PSYCHOLOGIST cannot make with children what you can make the PERSONAL RELATION. With it I was very much helped by Zhenya", ― Rudkovskaya speaks.

Now Yana works development and creation of future career for the son Sasha hard. It does everything in order that at him everything turned out and developed in this life. Evgeny Plushenko himself personally trains the son and does not give him into strange hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team