11 effective culinary cunnings

11 effective culinary cunnings

Modern hostesses often forget the simple culinary truth and cunnings which were actively used by the senior generation. So, the list of the 11 most "forgotten" culinary councils will be provided further.

1. Fresh apples well remain if to fill up them with pure sawdust

2. Egg with a cracked shell when cooking usually follows. To keep such egg, it should be cooked in salty water.

3. Giving a lemon to tea, it is necessary to drench it with boiled water. It reveals aroma stronger.

4. Sour cream sometimes badly gets off. In this case it is necessary to add in it white, to cool ware (in which there will be a knocking down) in cold water, and then already to force down.

5. To keep all nutritive matters, when cooking it is necessary to mix only a wooden spoon.

6. Fat will be sprayed less if on a frying pan before frying to fill a salt handful.

7. Potatoes are peeled much quicker if at once after cooking to pour over it cold water.

8. It is better to add vinegar, citric acid, tomato paste only at the end of cooking, and not vice versa.

9. Fish won't smell of ooze if to wash up it in strong cold saline solution.

10. Beet and green peas, unlike all other vegetables, in salty water aren't cooked. Green peas in salty water long don't boil soft, and beet becomes less tasty.

11. The put too much salt taste of broth can be corrected a usual pinch of sugar, but not addition of excess water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team