12 main products for weight loss

12 main products for weight loss

It is kind of banal sounded, but to lose weight, it is necessary to eat first of all properly. There is the whole list of products which are desirable for including in a diet to accelerate weight reduction.


1. Fish and a moreproduktybelok from seafood is acquired better meat, besides, the saltwater fish contains a large amount of iodine, and this element plays very important role in weight reduction. Still fish is a source of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids which are important for digestion of vitamin D, and selenium.

2. Dairy produktyumenshat quantity of nutrition fats. Are especially useful whey - it contains a protein which accelerates lipidic (fat) exchange, and cottage cheese - its use reduces risk of developing of atherosclerosis, strengthens bones and nervous system. As for advantage for a figure, cottage cheese improves digestion, reduces hypostases and has lipotropny properties, that is accelerates exchange of fats. 300 g of cottage cheese contain a daily share of protein.

3. BobovyeYavlyatsya by a source of vegetable protein. The organism should "make effort" to acquire such product therefore the regular use bean in moderate quantities increases power consumption.

4. GreypfrutyOtlichno bring excess liquid out of an organism, save from slags, promote weight loss and combustion of fat. In grapefruit a large amount of vitamins and minerals there aren't enough calories, but and also there are essential oils and cellulose. A grapefruit diet - one of the most popular with celebrities and not the sprost. The substances which are contained in grapefruit help outflow of bile and promote splitting of fats. Eating all a grapefruit half in day, it is possible to lose weight in two and a half months by 1.5 kg.

5. KiviOdin a fruit of a kiwi is capable to cover standard daily rate of vitamin C almost. This fruit besides that it is useful to immune and blood systems, contains the cellulose normalizing digestion, and the use of two-three fruits daily helps to burn harmful fatty acids.

6. YablokiIstochnik of pectins and cellulose. According to researches, the people eating 1-3 apples daily lose weight quicker, than those who don't eat fruit.

7. TanzherinyTak is called a kind of tangerine. The uses even in day there will be enough one fruit to stimulate process of combustion of fats.

8. СельдерейОвощ, having "the minus caloric content", that is the organism spends more calories for its assimilation and digestion, than them contains in the celery (by the way, in 100 g only 17 kcal). However sense of fulness from a celery passes very quickly therefore it is possible to add juicy slices of vegetable with yogurt sauce - it will turn out tasty and it is useful.

9. Green чайВ this drink biologically active connections which can partially block the enzyme which is responsible for an amylolysis contain. Thus the effect, as on a low-carbohydrate diet is reached. The main thing is not to abuse a green tea, day norm - about 5 cups (750 ml). Regular consumption of drink accelerates metabolism and helps to lose weight gradually.

10. Cedar the orekhiupotrebleniye of pine nuts stimulates production of "symmetry hormone" - a holetsistokin who sends the signals in a brain demonstrating saturation. Besides, these nuts contain vitamins E and P which also positively influence weight loss process. But it is important to consider one nuance - as nuts a product rather high-calorie, you shouldn't use them more than 30 g a day. The ideal option is to add them to salad from a fresh vegetables.

11. ImbirNalichie of a large amount of essential oils causes "fat-burning" properties of ginger - drinks with its addition help not only to accelerate metabolism, but also to improve a condition of skin.

12. KoritsaImeet property to accumulate fats therefore it is recommended to add her to dietetic beverages, for example, in kefir. It should be taken into account that such properties only fresh ground cinnamon from sticks has.

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