3 basic rules of healthy food

3 basic rules of healthy food

Recently more and more people pay special attention to the health. For some it is need, for others - desire to live long life. Anyway, healthy food is a basis of healthy life.


1. Harmful products. It is necessary to exclude the following products: mayonnaise, any sauces from shop, creamy and refined oils, margarine, fast food, flour products (from shop in particular), sausages, chips. These products contain from 15 to 75% of the transfat received in the chemical way. This fat generally concentrates in an abdominal cavity and promotes obesity of internals, enveloping them.

2. Qualitative diet. Increase in a diet vegetables and fruit with the low glycemic index, for example: apricots, soy, eggplants, broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic. Eat complex carbohydrates (various grain and vegetables) and proteinaceous food, dairy products, a lean meat, fish, soy, eggs. Reduce fats in a diet, giving preference useful to an organism to vegetable and cod-liver oils, unrefined vegetable oils, a linen seed, red fish.

3. Fractional food. It is necessary to eat to a thicket, small portions, ideally - from 6 times. Eating it is fractional and balanced, you will seldom hunger. Deceiving thus an organism, regularly and in due time delivering calories. At food in the small portions meals with intervals are required at 2-3 o'clock. In this case it is possible to reach the accelerated metabolism, to exclude overeating and adjournment in fat stocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team