5 best ideas for a breakfast

5 best ideas for a breakfast

As they say, a breakfast - the most important meal. Really, in the morning each of us is obliged to be supported well that with ease to study and perform the work. The main thing is that the breakfast combined the useful substances and minerals ensuring productive functioning of a brain and other systems. Five best breakfasts for those who dream to keep efficiency are given below and to remain positive during all working day.

Idea No. 1: Berry muesli with yogurt and banana cutting. Take an empty glass or a favourite bowl for a breakfast. Put in it a few berries. It can be blackberry, raspberry, cherry, currant or strawberry. Fill over berries 0.5 glasses myusly, and then add a natural yoghourt in any quantity and mix all mix. Take two fresh bananas and cut them with circles. It is possible to add them to already ready berry muesli or to use as a separate dish. 

Idea No. 2: Toasts with avocado. If you got used to eat sausage or cheese sandwiches for breakfast, then it is better to replace them with useful toasts with avocados which will saturate your organism with useful substances. Take fresh avocado and cut it on two parts. Accurately take мяготь, having separated it from a peel which isn't required to you more. Further it is possible or to pound green pulp of avocado, or to cut it and to apply on bread. At will from above decorate the toast with greens.

Idea No. 3: Mini-fried eggs on hummus sandwich. It is rather nourishing recipe which will be useful to those who work hard since the morning. Take small egg and stir it a nimbus in a bowl. Accurately move mix to a frying pan, trying to create it in square shape. When egg prepares, take it. Be engaged in registration of a grain toast: roast it on the toaster or in the microwave oven, cover with hummus, and upward put square fried eggs. 

Idea No. 4: Cottage cheese with honey. In a bowl fill fresh cottage cheese and stir to a uniform state. Add several spoons of honey at own discretion. It is also possible to put in cottage cheese and honey mix several berries or cutting from fruit.

Idea No. 5: Peanut paste sandwiches and banana and apple cutting. For this recipe it is the best of all to take black fruitful bread and to thinly cut it. It is possible to roast a little. Then we cover a toast with peanut paste. On a dostochka we cut a half of banana and segment of apple so that cutting was located on sandwich. Accurately we add banana and apple cutting on bread pieces, and from above we strew with cinnamon. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team