5 important rules of a diet after the delivery

5 important rules of a diet after the delivery

Here also these nine months flew by and the woman at last became a mom. She practically doesn't have time for herself, now the kid is the most important and main occupation.

Well to do??? After the delivery it is necessary to put the body in order as during pregnancy kilograms which can leave at once were gained or not leave at all. So, it is necessary to know the basic rules of weight loss after the delivery, they considerably differ from other diets.  

Main rules of weight loss after the delivery:  

 1. It is necessary to choose time for weight loss. You shouldn't undertake what - or measures for weight loss the first six weeks, the organism needs time to have a rest and be restored. And also the woman needs time to get used to a new way of life. The kid demands a lot of time, attention and care.

 2. Don't trust councils of stars. Many articles are devoted to diets, and most often write about it stars. Each of them tells about the diet, and about that as lost weight nearly in a month. It isn't necessary to listen to their councils and to choose that diet which allegedly helped them. It is very heavy to the feeding mothers to choose a diet, it is necessary to eat well to feed the child and to give him all necessary substances and vitamins. Just healthy nutrition will be the best option.  

3. How to begin to eat properly? So, the feeding mom in day has to use two thousand calories, on average only 500 calories leave on breast milk, some have more. Therefore it is necessary to create the diary in which the woman will write down and count the food eaten in a day and calories. High-calorie food very necessary for feeding of the child, to contain in it useful and substances for his health are necessary.  

4. As feeding, and other women need to eat 5 times a day, but in the small portions. It isn't necessary to eat heavy food in three hours before going to bed, the stomach has to have a rest and it is heavier to it to digest food at night. It is better to eat light fruit or vegetable salad, it is also possible to bring down hunger by apple.

 5. What should be avoided? It is better for the feeding mummies not to use smoked products, sausages, sausages, marinated products, they contain a large amount of salt, and will negatively affect health of the kid.  

It is necessary not only make the diet suitable for mummy, but also to treat responsibly the child's food. It very needs vitamins and substances which get to it through mother's milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team