7 products which it is worth refusing right now

7 products which it is worth refusing right now

Healthy nutrition – guarantee of beauty and good health. Not only fast food and greasy food badly affect our health. There is a number of products which need to be excluded from the diet right now.

Sausage goods

Unfortunately, practically all sausage goods does to an organism more harm, than advantage. As a part of sausages, sausages and sausages low interest of natural meat. But fat, a skin, an offal, artificial additives and preservatives in these products there is a lot of. Besides add a lot of salt and fragrances to sausages that too not in the best way affects an organism.

In smoked semi-finished products large amount of cancerogenic substances. If you can't live meatless, buy it from the checked sellers and independently prepare. One more option is to take home-made sausage from farms.

Sweet carbonated drinks

The sparkling water loved by many is nothing but the aerated mix of water, a large number of sugar, dyes and fragrances.

Categorically small children can't take similar drinks, sick diabetes and also to the people having problems with a stomach and heart.

In carbonated drinks a huge sugar content, on average – to five teaspoons on a glass of liquid. For this reason store sparkling water badly satisfies thirst and causes accustoming.  

A number of drinks contain in the structure caffeine, extract of leaves cooks and other unsafe stimulators. Besides also gas is harmful, it irritates a mucous membrane of a stomach. The baking plate will lock also dry-mixes for independent cultivation and lemonades with juice content get.

If you care for the health, drink clean still water.  


Snacks are fast snack without which parties, watching movies and a house sit-round gathering with friends don't do. It is possible to carry chips, nutlets, croutons, crackers, popcorn, corn sticks to them.

The use of these products should be reduced as much as possible or at all to remove from a diet. Snacks are the very high-calorie food containing the mass of chemical additives. Besides they very salty that leads to a liquid delay in an organism. It is fraught with hypostases and increase in arterial blood pressure.

Chips even from the famous producers are strong carcinogen. At their frying, acrylamide which provokes development of oncological diseases is produced substance. Uncontrollable consumption of snacks causes diseases of kidneys, problems with vessels and joint pains.

Too it is better to remove popcorn from the menu. For its preparation oil, sugar and caramelizers in the large number significantly exceeding day norm is used. It can lead to sharp increase in level of glucose in blood.

Can't you do without having a snack? Use the cut fresh vegetables or dried fruits as snacks. It is possible to prepare independently fish fingers and onions rings.

Ready sauces

Too it is better to refuse consumption of ready store sauces. Various mixes, mayonnaise and ketchup contain a large amount of harmful chemical additives in the structures.

Mayonnaise contains many fats and carbohydrates and also sodium, vinegar and various artificial additives.

The few ketchups and tomato sauces can brag of natural structure.

Regular consumption of purchased sauces can cause a heart trouble and vessels, violation of work of digestive tract and other problems with health.

 Excellent alternative to ready seasonings – house preparations. Actually it is simple to make ketchup and mayonnaise independently. It will take some time, but you will be completely sure of naturalness of a product.


You shouldn't confuse margarine with a natural desi. This product – the substitute containing emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives and synthetic fats. Fats lead a trance to damage of walls of arteries and violation of a hormonal background to an organism.

Besides, it is necessary to read structure of flour products attentively. In production of cookies, cakes and gingerbreads margarine is quite often used.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar is received by processing of beet and a sugar cane. It very much калориен is also considered one of the most harmful products.

In such sugar there are neither vitamins, nor food fibers, nor useful mineral substances.

Sugar, especially refined, provokes development of a number of diseases: obesity, diabetes, stomach diseases, heart and kidneys.

Lollipops and chocolate bars

Many will be surprised, but at first sight quite harmless lollipops are capable to do huge harm to an organism. Now by production of similar candies strong chemical essence is used.

At regular consumption of lollipops it is possible to get irritation of mucous tissues and also a burn of walls of a gullet.

Chocolate bars at the expense of big caloric content are capable to satisfy quickly hunger, but the organism doesn't have advantage of them any.

Besides a large number of sugar, sweet bars contain stabilizers, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Besides, a little at what bars there is a good quality chocolate.

But you shouldn't despond, the real dark bitter chocolate – an excellent alternative for sweet teeth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team