7 rules of healthy food

7 rules of healthy food

Secrets of healthy nutrition are simple and familiar to everyone. These rules need to be introduced in a habit. Here the most useful rules of healthy food:

  1. Fill in coffee in milk, and not vice versa.

Fill in the morning a mug with milk and his bitterns for 75%. Then from above add coffee. As a result, you will drink 25% of day norm of vitamin D and 30% of day norm of calcium.

  1. Two glasses of water before food.

In such a way you both will prevent dehydration of an organism and eat much less. According to the Dutch scientists, two glasses of water before food lower appetite and reduce amount of the eaten food.

  1. It is more than tomatoes.

People who regularly use tomatoes are much less subject to risk of a disease of cancer.

  1. Two glasses of water after fast food.

Pizza, French fries and Big Macs abound with sodium and fat. Partially to neutralize negative impact of sodium on your organism, drink 2 glasses of water after a meal.

  1. Having a snack at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Easy having a snack at 3 o'clock in the afternoon reduces fatigue and concern and prevents evening overeating. Yogurt, fruit, cheese, hard boiled egg, etc. perfectly will be suitable for these purposes.

  1. Wash ready meat.

If you wish to reduce the number of calories in the made meat, its breed from above and from below napkins or paper towels. For bigger effect you can wash out meat in a colander under the hot (not boiling) water. Water will wash away fat and cholesterol. Both ways reduce amount of fat in meat half.

  1. Obligatory dessert.

Cookies and low-calorie ice cream will give a signal to your organism that meal is finished. They will present you feeling of saturation.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team