9 products for immunity

9 products for immunity

The human body is arranged so that itself has an opportunity to fight against all external factors which have negative effect on it. But there is a number of products which are capable to help human immunity, to suppress influence of viruses and bacteria.

1. Garlic

Though garlic is also not loved because of its sharp aroma which keeps at some people of half a day. But here in health giving qualities it doesn't have equal.

 He is capable to destroy bacteria and infections.

It will be fine prophylactic during a cold time when cold is concealed behind each corner.

2. Mushrooms

Forest inhabitants become assistants to our immunity because of the ability to increase quantity of leukocytes.

But here the main thing not to go too far.

 Too it is better not to use too many mushrooms. 

3. Broth

It is important to note that chicken broth is considered useful. When cooking chicken meat in water cysteine is emitted. It promotes fast restoration of an organism and maintains good physical condition.

 It is possible to add salt and various vegetables to broth.

Clarification of bronchial tubes is guaranteed.

4. Yogurt

All know that yogurt is a light product. A probiotics – useful bacteria is its part. They maintain the normal state of a food path and protect from harmful bacteria.

200 grams of yogurt a day will be able to keep a body in a tone. 

5. Tea

Both green, and black tea is filled with huge amount of antioxidants. They have ability to restore the damaged cages.

From it the immunity becomes stronger.

Besides, tea perfectly eliminates cold at cold and flu. 

6. Pumpkin and carrots

These vegetables contain vitamin A and a beta keratin that create a barrier against microbes and bacteria in a human body.

 Also vitamins improve a condition of skin, purify it and refresh.

7. Seafood

Fans of seafood can notice that at them the tendency to frequent colds is traced much less than at other people. It thanks to the fact that in such food there are a lot of vitamins and minerals which are necessary to an organism for normal functioning.

So, for example, the sea cabbage contains vitamin C. It strengthens a protective system during a cold time.

And here different types of fish saturate the person with acid an omega-3 which helps functioning of a respiratory system (protection of lungs).

8. Citrus

Oranges, tangerines and lemons – the first that is bought by most of people at emergence of symptoms of cold.

Vitamin C maintains cheerfulness of an organism and improves the general physical state.

9. Various grain (oats, barley, etc.)

Grains are rich in beta glucan, it helps healing of wounds and regeneration of internals and systems.

 They are also recommended to use during any catarrhal diseases. The immune system will be glad to their help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team