A melon for women: how many calories, what vitamins contain, than is useful who cannot eat

A melon for women: how many calories, what vitamins contain, than is useful who cannot eat

Melon — favourite delicacy of many people and if to consider the rich chemical composition, then such product is recommended to consume not only to indulge the flavoring receptors, but also to improve the general condition of an organism. Today we will consider what problems with health can be solved, using a tasty fruit and also a possibility of its use in house cosmetology.

What melon pulp is rich with

As a part of a fruit the increased contents is revealed:

  • macrocells (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine);
  • minerals (iron, silicon, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, fluorine, cobalt);
  • vitamins (And, B1, B2, RR, B5, B6, B9, beta carotene, ascorbic acid);
  • monosaccharides and disaccharides;
  • organic acids;
  • nonsaturated fatty acids;
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • food fibers.

In 100 g of a product contain:

  • carbohydrates — 7.4 g;
  • fats — 0.3 g;
  • proteins — 0.6 g.

The melon is considered a low-calorie product: 35 kcal are the share of 100 g.

Learn more about useful properties, the choice and use of a melon.

Than the melon is useful to the woman's organism

It is no wonder that such quantity of useful components in a melon allows to have beneficial influence on the woman's organism at regular consumption of a product.

Whether you know? In food use not only pulp of a fruit, but also its seeds, for example, in the African and Indian cuisine as snack are popular dried and fried seeds of a melon.

For strengthening of immunity

Thanks to the high content of vitamin A which belongs to strong antioxidants the fruit allows to protect organism cages, having prevented their defeat by free radicals; accelerates formation of the immune cages necessary for fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

For a cardiovascular system

High content of iron which in an organism is responsible for transportation of oxygen to cages allows to accelerate blood formation process, exchange and oxidizing processes and also production of hormones. Magnesium, silicon, potassium have beneficial influence on work of heart, and B1 vitamin strengthens a cardiovascular system.

For digestion

The melon contains a large amount of rough fibers and inulin which, interacting among themselves, make positive impact on digestive tract, support intestinal microflora normal that promotes fast digestion of food.

For a liver and kidneys

The diuretic effect of consumption of delicacy allows to remove sand and also to prevent formation of stones in kidneys. It is useful to use a product at a disease of cystitis. Pulp of a fruit allows to facilitate work of a liver, cleans an organism and removes hazardous substances. The use of this product is shown at hepatitis, a gepatoza, a steatoza and cirrhosis.

Read also about advantage of pumpkin, dates, sunflower seeds of a sunflower and pumpkin, pomegranate, a feijoa, quail eggs, parsley for the woman's organism.

For work of a brain

High content of sulfur and manganese stimulates brain activity. Potassium allows to increase inflow of blood and oxygen to a brain that has positive impact on its work in general.

For nervous system

The melon well influences nervous system, thanks to the high content of sugar, from a small amount of the eaten product the mood instantly increases. The increased content of potassium allows to render vasodilating effect, reducing arterial blood pressure and reducing feeling of uneasiness in the period of stressful situations.

For skin, nails and hair

A large amount of vitamins which are concentrated in a fruit allows to improve a condition of an integument, hair and nails and also to make antioxidant impact on an organism. Beta carotene stimulates skin cells, protects them from toxic substances which are one of the causes of fast dehydration, withering and aging.

For weight loss

The increased content of pectins does a melon by an attractive product during weight loss, helps to clean intestines from toxic components. The product is capable to destroy fat cages and to feed body tissues. Very often delicacy is used as the main product in fasting days, at this time the organism receives a necessary portion of moisture and vitamins, the feeling of saturation is quickly reached.

Whether it is possible

Pregnancy and lactation and also some diseases of an organism require special attention at consumption of some food, and a melon in this case — not an exception.

At pregnancy

To pregnant women recommend to use delicacy during incubation of the child as it allows to saturate an organism with necessary vitamins and useful substances which well influence pre-natal development of the kid. The regular use of a fruit also reduces risk of puffiness and promotes fast removal of excess liquid. Pulp of a fruit contains folic acid which is irreplaceable vitamin for pregnant women.

Important! It should be taken into account that purchased fruits may contain a large amount of nitrates as are capable to absorb harmful components therefore pregnant women need to use only those products which do not cause suspicions.

Pulp of a fruit belongs to allergenic products therefore you should not abuse it during incubation of the kid. It is considered that during pregnancy it is possible to eat no more than two small slices of a fruit a day.

At a lactation

Most of experts agree in opinion that consumption of delicacy during breastfeeding is dangerous as at kids it can provoke diarrhea and the increased gas generation.

It is connected with the high content of sugar which becomes the reason of fermentation and the meteorizm especially peculiar to newborn children.

It is better for the feeding mother to limit consumption of coffee, chocolate, strawberry, a citrus, garlic, cabbage, bean.

When to kids begin to enter a feeding up and amount of breast milk in a diet decreases, the woman can gradually begin to use delicacy, since 50 g once a week, gradually increasing quantity to 200 g. At the same time it is necessary to monitor reaction of the kid. If after consumption of delicacy you noticed that the child had symptoms of an allergy or other collateral reactions of an organism developed, it is worth refusing this product at all.

At diabetes

The use of a melon at diabetes is completely not forbidden, however with such diagnosis it is necessary to watch especially carefully amount of sugar in blood during consumption of this product. The fact is that the melon, though is low-calorie, has the high glycemic index which can provoke jump of sugar and influence deterioration in a condition of the patient.

Discuss an issue of the consumption of delicacy with the expert to exclude all risks. If the doctor allows to use this product, accurately follow recommendations and standard daily rate.

Apples, cherry, plums, peaches, grapefruit, lemons, oranges belong to fruit with the low glycemic index.

At stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, gastritis

It is completely forbidden to use a fruit if stomach ulcer or sharp pancreatitis is diagnosed for you.

At gastritis it is possible to use a melon, but in small amounts and previously having consulted with the doctor.

Important! Pulp of an immature fruit at sharp gastritis can provoke severe pains and inflammations.

Rules of the use

Despite a large amount of useful substances which the melon contains there are some nuances at the use of this product.

In what time of day is a melon

Considering the fact that pulp of a fruit contains a large amount of cellulose, it treats heavy products therefore recommend to use it in the afternoon, between the main meals. It is better if between food and consumption of delicacy there pass about 2 hours, in other case you will feel weight in a stomach.

On an empty stomach the melon is not recommended to be used because the risk of emergence of a meteorizm and an abdominal distension increases.

How many it is possible in day

300 g are considered optimum quantity of a melon which is recommended to be used in day. There will be quite enough such quantity that the organism received and acquired all necessary useful substances. The opinion is wrong that at increase in quantity of the consumed product, the organism will receive more vitamins and elements, in fact all on the contrary — it is possible to get indigestion and an abdominal distension which neutralize all positive effect.

Why the melon should be eaten separately

Not for nothing delicacy is recommended to use in 2 hours prior to food. It is connected with the fact that digestion of a product happens in a small intestine, but it can get only through a stomach there. If in a stomach during consumption of delicacy there is a food, then the melon will remain in it for a long time, process of fermentation and rotting will begin, as a result there will be a violation of microflora that will cause negative reaction of an organism in the form of swelling, nausea, diarrhea.

Whether you know? Locals are sure of Central Asia that the melon contains enzymes which are capable to split quickly eaten food therefore the fruit is used throughout all meal.

What it is impossible to combine with

Distinguish from products which are not recommended to be used with a melon:

  • honey;
  • milk;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • water.

In combination with above-mentioned products, delicacy can become the reason of disorder of digestive system.

Whether it is possible to store the cut melon

The fruit is considered the most useful in the first a couple of hours after it was cut therefore it is better to eat all product for time. If it did not turn out to make, then it is possible to store the cut product in the fridge up to 2 days. After this time the melon becomes covered by invisible disputes of a mold which are very dangerous to an organism. It is better to cover the cut product with paper or fine cotton fabric, the cellophane or other dense material which is doing not pass air can accelerate damage of a melon only.

As it is possible to use in house cosmetology

Fruit use not only as food product as a separate dessert or for preparation of various dishes, but also for creation of masks, lotions, broths for treatment and food useful components an integument.

The moisturizing lotion

For preparation of means which will tone up and moisturize face skin it is necessary to use pulp of a melon and grape juice on 100 ml of each product. The fruit is previously milled and squeeze out juice. All ingredients mix well up and applied to skin for 20 minutes, further lotion is washed away by warm water.

Nutritious mask

For preparation of nutritious means which will allow to make skin soft and velvety for a short period of time it is necessary to use only fruit pulp. The product warms up a fork and is used for drawing on skin as a mask. Means is maintained within 20 minutes then wash away warm water. It is possible to do such mask 3 times a week.

The toning mask

The most plain mask which has the toning effect means with a melon peel is considered. For its preparation it is necessary to cut off pulp from a peel and to put it on skin a cut down. To sustain a mask of 10 minutes then to rind and wash warm water. It is possible to use such means 3 times a week.

Broth from eels

Broth of pulp of a melon is used to remove pigmentary spots, freckles, pimples and acne rash on a face. Means is used for washing. For broth preparation the fruit is well washed, cut on cubes and together with a peel thrown into boiled water (100 g of a melon on 300 ml of liquid). Means is boiled within 15 minutes on slow fire, further is cooled and filtered. The received broth wash in the morning and in the evening before obtaining desirable result.

Study recipes of house cosmetics with imbiryom, olive oil (for the person, hair, a body), a celery, beet, a camomile (for the person, hair).

Contraindications and harm

To the use of a melon distinguish from contraindications:

  • feeding period breast;
  • infectious diseases of a GIT;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • intestinal frustration;
  • sharp pancreatitis.

Delicacy can do harm for an organism only in case of uncontrolled consumption in mix with other food or drinks.

As side effects can develop:

  • abdominal distension;
  • diarrhea;
  • meteorizm;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • weight in a stomach.

Thus, a melon — very useful product for a female body, and it is necessary to use it regularly. But, at the same time, you monitor reaction of an organism and observe some nuances of the use to avoid collateral reactions and problems with health.

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