About advantage and harm of grits, than porridge is useful

About advantage and harm of grits, than porridge is useful

Many without porridge cannot just present the morning, it quickly, tasty and is useful.

And in combination with nuts, dried fruits and milk or in the form of a granola with yogurt in general guarantees an energy charge till a lunch — precisely.

Micro, macrocells, vitamins and useful substances

Cereals have all basic useful substances on which normal activity of the person depends. Let's consider structure of 100 g of porridge – for only 10% it consists of water, most of all carbohydrates – nearly 69%, proteins – 16%, 15% of fats and 10% of food fibers.

Whether you know? In the people porridge is called the foremother of bread.

Porridge is vitamin-rich group B (B1, B2, B3, B5), vitamin A in it – more than 1 mg in 100 grams, are also present C, E, K. Nearly 41 mg belong to a holin.

Among macrocells the place of honor is taken by phosphorus, it there nearly 424 mg, it is also a little less by quantity in porridge of calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

First place by quantity of minerals is won by iron and selenium (29 and 26 mg respectively), there are also a manganese, copper and zinc.

Daily intake of porridge helps not only to maintain necessary amount of useful substances in an organism, but also positively influences digestive processes.

Nutrition value and caloric content

The nutrition value of porridge is high at the expense of starch which in it is. However the portion of porridge in itself will not be too nutritious breakfast – it will want to eat already in a couple of hours.

And all because it is easily and quickly acquired therefore it is better if fruit, nuts and honey go to additive. In general, in 100 g of cereals nearly 350 kcal contain.

Also semolina, buckwheat honey, cottage cheese, kefir, bulgur, buckwheat is easily and quickly acquired.

On water

Porridge caloric content on water is much less, it is the best option for those who want to lose weight. As in such a case it is desirable not to use milk even with coffee. 100 g of a ready-made product will have up to 90 kcal. Therefore in fight against excess weight such breakfast will become heavy artillery.

On milk

Since the childhood all remember porridges on milk – they much more tasty and more with pleasure even without addition of sugar. Here already in 100 g of a product there will be 102 kcal. Any grain made on milk is considered fat porridge therefore you should not be fond.

Several times a week porridge on milk will not damage to an organism, and on the contrary will bring only benefit, having added more calcium to a diet.

Important! People who can have a reaction to milk protein cannot use. Also with care it is necessary to give porridge on milk to children.

Useful properties

To lower cholesterol in blood, to clean an organism and to lose excess weight is about porridge. It is useful in a diet of everyone, and always has advantages before other breakfasts.

Such products as hempseed oil, green radish, amarantovy flour, rape oil, cinnamon, black tea, kinoa are also capable to lower cholesterol.

For children

Cellulose is even better acquired in an organism of children, than adults therefore porridge will become wonderful meal. Vitamin cocktail which contains in porridge will promote development and growth of the child since childhood.

Thanks to vitamin A the sight will be as it should be that important for children.

Vitamin A contains also in such products as chicory, carrots, cod-liver oil, eggs.

Also antioxidant properties of porridge will help to protect an organism from many diseases and viruses.

Thanks to glucose in structure, the brain of school students will work more actively, and the progress will be at the appropriate level. At the same time the attention and memory improve. At any disease of the child when he not especially wants to eat, porridge will help to put him on legs. It will fill up reserves of vitamins and important elements, and will not rise a lump in a throat as heavy food.

It is especially good to give to children soups on the basis of porridge – they will help digestion and will not give excess load of the growing organism.

For adults

Usually at young people cholesterol does not raise. But the wrong way of life, the constant intake of alcohol and nicotine give the effect. Therefore porridge will become an organism board from an adverse effect from the outside.

If long time to use porridge systematically, cholesterol will decrease, at least, by 15%. Porridge will be good rescue from a hangover, from overeating during the holiday, after poisoning or after surgeries. Fast assimilation allows already in half an hour after intake of porridge to play sports.

It is also possible to allocate such positive sides of porridge:

  • it is useful to teeth, nails and hair;
  • will protect from cardiovascular diseases;

For prevention of cardiovascular diseases recommend to use cashew, orange, tea of a sench, blackberry, a cranberry, dried apricots.

  • can eliminate depressions and stresses;
  • it is capable to heal from within, thanks to it risk to develop cancer of a stomach decreases;
  • normalizes sugar level in blood (suits diabetics).

Important! It is better to use wholegrain porridge, but not flakes. As the last are already thermally processed, and, so are less useful.

About application of wonderful grain

Grits in general the multipurpose product – can be accepted inside and also to carry out cosmetic procedures. And in each of options it will help to solve an array of problems.

In the medical purposes

Diets after stomach diseases, also at chronic diseases – pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, will help to improve health. As porridge envelops mucous a stomach, inflammations take place much quicker.

Kissel, papaya, badger fat, cottage cheese, squids are useful to digestive system also bee zabrus.

Also it needs to be accepted when there is a wish to clean an organism from hazardous substances, after consumption of unhealthy or greasy food.

How to accept in the medical purposes:

  • at a lock or a diarrhea porridge for the night needs to be filled in with cold water in equal proportions, to add on a knife tip yeast or a little rye bread, next day to bring to boiling and to use in a warm look;
  • at hypostases oat broth will help – we mix flakes with water 1 to 4 and we cook 15 minutes then it is possible to drink broth with addition of honey;
  • for cleaning of an organism cook broth in proportions: a glass of grain on 3 l of water. Leave it for day in a thermos, then add a honey spoon, juice of one lemon, boil and drink on an empty stomach on a half of a glass every day.

For weight loss

To lose excess weight it is enough to include in a daily diet porridge on water, it is desirable for breakfast. It is impossible to add sugar, it is possible — a honey teaspoon provided that more sweet for day is not present.

It is better to wash down porridge with grass infusions (from a dogrose, a melissa, mint), to exclude black tea and coffee. There are diets in which the diet for several days consists only of grain.

It is wrong – the organism under the influence of a stress from sharp change of a diet will lay fat. Just it is better to watch that all food was low-fat, without salt, sugar and it is prepared on water or to steam.

In cosmetology

The most widespread ways to use porridge for beauty – in the form of face packs. The oat basis for masks before cooking needs to be filled in with boiled water for a couple of minutes (1 to 1) then it can be used.

There are several recipes:

  1. To mix a spoon of flakes, a half of a spoon of honey, a half of a yolk – to hold 15 minutes, to wash away cool water.
  2. To take a tablespoon of porridge, 2 tablespoons of kefir, 1 tsp of honey – mix to put for 10 minutes, to wash away.
  3. To mix a teaspoon of grain with two spoons of clay, to add lemon juice – to leave for 10 minutes and to clean a face under water.

Such masks are capable:

  • to dry pimples;
  • to remove black dots;

To remove black dots by means of traditional medicine perhaps applying a spirulina, a cornel, a girasol, a red guelder-rose.

  • to tighten skin;
  • to peel dead cells;
  • to add a flush.

It is also possible to use flour from this grain, then masks will be more gentle.

In cookery

Besides ready porridges, nutritionists advise to use in cooking oatmeal – so pastries will be less harmful. Will be suitable for cheesecakes, ship's biscuits, bread.

Cutlets or meatballs can also be cooked not with addition of long loaf as it often happens, and to flakes. They will be molded at the same time not worse, and calories in them will be much less.

Granola – a new type of breakfasts for fans longer to have a sleep. We mix whole grains with honey, we add dried fruits, nuts – we put in an oven for 10 minutes at 180 °C. We store ready mix in bank.

For a breakfast there will be enough 6 tablespoons which can be filled in with yogurt, 3 minutes – and the breakfast is ready. It is also good to cook fish soups on this grain – they dietary, easy, useful and nourishing.

Whether porridge can do harm

There are some contraindications for the use of this product: first of all tseliakiya (intolerance of gluten), heart and renal failure. In all other cases it is a useful and irreplaceable product.

Whether you know? In Britain there takes place the championship on preparation of porridge. The winner wins a prize – the gold mixer.

About oat flakes

Flakes, unlike whole cereals, boil soft quicker and most often are preparing just by flooding boiled water for a couple of minutes. It quickly and conveniently.

But it is necessary to consider that it is a little less usefulness in such type of porridge because from preliminary processing in flakes the reduced content of cellulose and proteins, and, so the nutritiousness is worse. It is the best of all to take porridge which cooks not less than 20 minutes – in such grains useful substances are kept far better, and is after a breakfast it will want much later. And it will be more useful than a croup.

No matter, for what purpose you decided to use porridge – for weight loss or improvement of health in general, choice will be always right. Especially, if to make of it muesli, to a granol or just to add some favourite fruit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team