Add a little tenderness to the diet: creamy mushroom sauce

Add a little tenderness to the diet: creamy mushroom sauce

From mushrooms it is possible to make a large number of tasty and nutritious sauces. One of such is creamy and mushroom. It can be given to different dishes.

Creamy mushroom sauce from шампиньоновДля preparations will be necessary the following products:

- 350 g of fresh champignons; - 20% cream of 150 g;

- 35 g of a desi; - 3 tablespoons of flour; - little boiled water; - 2 average bulbs; - 150 g of sour cream (it is possible to take only 300 g of cream); - salt to your taste.

If you use only cream, then sauce will turn out sweetish and if to take 50/50 with sour cream, sauce will be sourish.

Kindle a desi in a frying pan. Peel onions, small cut and pour out on a frying pan. Fry it till golden color. Wash out champignons, cut small pieces, add to onions. Fry them, so far all liquid not to evaporate (it is mushroom juice and oil). Then salt to taste, add flour, carefully mix. Boil a little water and pour in sauce. The amount of water depends on what sauce you want to receive (liquid or dense). Warm up everything on small fire. Then add sour cream, pour in cream and mix. Creamy sauce from white gribovdlya of preparation of sauce prepare the following ingredients: - 150 g of fresh cepes; - 1 head of onions; - 300 ml of 20% cream; - 130 g of a desi; - 1 tsps of dry caraway seeds; - 0.5 tsps of a ground black pepper; - 1 tsps of salt; - greens (fragrant fennel). Wash out mushrooms, clean and cut them in small cubes. Peel onions, crush, lay out on a frying pan with previously kindled oil. Add cepes there. Fry onions with mushrooms on small fire within 10 minutes. Then pour accurately in cream, salt, season with pepper, strew with caraway seeds. You extinguish everything about 6 minutes without closing a cover, and then 5 minutes on small fire under a cover. Rinse greens, small cut, strew sauce. Serve it in small drinking bowls, to meat and vegetables. A gentle creamy mushroom sauce from лисичекДля preparations of this sauce prepare the following products: - 300 g of chanterelles; - 2 onions; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 30 g of a desi; - 1 glass of boiled (hot) water; - 110 ml of sour cream; - 110 ml of 20% cream; - salt to taste.

This sauce can be served with pasta, potatoes and other various dishes. It is possible to bake stuffed cabbage, pork chops and chicken cutlets in it.

Clean onions and properly crush. In a frying pan kindle a desi, pour out onions, fry it till golden color. Wash out chanterelles, small cut, lay out to onions. Fry them to a zolotistost, all liquid has to be evaporated, and the volume of mushrooms to decrease. Then chanterelles, sprinkle with flour, salt. If you put two spoons of flour then sauce on consistence will be as sour cream. If the spoon one, then it turns out very liquid. Carefully mix, leave mushrooms in a frying pan. Accurately pour in boiled water in ingredients, liquid has to cover them, prevent all. Dense sauce turned out, take on small fire a little, you only don't boil. Afterwards add cream, pour in sour cream and accurately mix. Taste fragrant sauce and density.

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