Advantage and harm of an eggplant

Advantage and harm of an eggplant

Orientals consider that the eggplant prolongs life. The vegetable subjected to thermal treatment remains useful to a human body. Various health giving qualities don't disappear from influence of high temperatures and preservation.


1. In food the people use the eggplants which finished growth, but didn't ripen. The young fruit isn't tasty, and overripe becomes rough. Blue, so the eggplant is called in Ukraine, low-calorie dietary vegetable. Content of minerals and vitamins B it is balanced. The best way of preparation of vegetables, roasting or suppression.

2. Nutritionists claim that in this product there are a lot of ballast substances. The main of them – pectin and cellulose. Pectin is necessary for digestion stimulation. It helps to bring toxins out of an organism.

3. The frequent use of eggplants in food promotes depreciation in cholesterol in blood. The efficiency of influence of vegetable on regulation of level of cholesterol is sufficient is high. Besides, using fruits of eggplants, people protect themselves from cardiac illnesses, from development of atherosclerosis. The potassium, phenolic connections which are present at a product improve blood circulation, strengthen capillaries, etc.

4. Blue are useful to diabetics, they are rich with manganese. This fruit increases production of insulin, reducing sugar level in blood. The regular use of eggplants, increases blood formation. Juice of a dietary product helps to heal wounds, helps at problems with a stomach and intestines.

5. The bitter taste of eggplants is caused by presence of substance at it corned beef. A large amount of this ingredient harmful influences an organism. Solanin makes sick, diarrhea and short wind. It isn't difficult to get rid of hazardous substance. It is enough to cut a fruit and to salt. After a while to wash out pieces of eggplants and to wring out.

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