Advantage and harm of consumption of corn porridge"

Advantage and harm of consumption of corn porridge"

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle became one of distinctive features of our time. The set of information on different techniques of weight loss, improvement, general interest in strength sports, fitness, east practicians, variety of brands of "tasty and healthy food" became the natural aspiration to keep and whenever possible to strengthen the health. The fundamental moment is the healthy good nutrition. Natural food including corn porridge are especially important.

Structure, nutrition value and caloric content of corn grits

Corn possesses really invaluable set of nutrients, necessary for a human body. If you decided to prepare a dish from this surprising ear, then the advantage of corn porridge for your organism will be huge, he will be able to receive more than 20 micro and macrocells. Titanium, sulfur, a pine forest, potassium, sodium, tin, cobalt, nickel, selenium, molybdenum, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus, silicon — here not the full list of these minerals, significant for human health.

It is possible to study day norm of all vitamins necessary for an organism and the list of the products containing them by means of the table for those who want to be healthy and beautiful (minerals).

Grain is rich with almost all vitamins of group V. Tiamin, or B1 vitamin, prevents depressions and bad mood. Pantothenic acid (B5) stimulates production of hormones. And the pyridoxine (B6) is called vitamin-antidepressant because he participates in production of hormone of happiness of serotonin. Folic acid (B9) participates in blood formation process. The smaller quantity in corn contains vitamins A and E, vitamins of beautiful skin, hair and acute eyesight. RR vitamin provides protection of cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Ears of this unique plant contain big degree of cellulose that has the defining value, first, for maintenance of digestive tract in working order, and, secondly, for ensuring optimum level of cholesterol.

Whether you know? In 100 g of corn grits (so, and porridges) there are 1⁄4 part of day norm of vitamins A and E.

High level of complex carbohydrates well influences work of a brain, fills with energy for the whole day, stabilizes sugar level in blood. Thanks to the unique structure, corn grits helps to hold weight normal. Though caloric content at this product is rather high and is 320 kcal on 100 g. This small shortcoming is compensated by exclusive qualities of corn.

Advantage of porridge

Having learned, than corn porridge is useful, by all means it is worth including it in the daily diet.

Whether you know? What the Indian word "maize" (corn) means "sacred mother" or "the sparing life".

For adults

A large number of carotinoids substantially reduces risk of developing of malignancies. This remarkable product actively cleans an organism from toxins, slags, radionuclides, stops inflammatory processes in intestines, supports the balanced work of all digestive tract. Owing to the high nutritional value the corn products are recommended for pregnant women and the feeding mothers, the elderly and not loving an active rhythm of life people.

Instead of expensive depression pills it is quite possible to use corn porridge with pleasure and advantage. It will also strengthen immunity, will help to be restored quicker after a disease. And if regularly to eat this grain of solar color, then it is possible "to stop time" — to slow down aging process. As it removes "bad" cholesterol then, vessels will get rid of plaques, their walls will be elastic, pressure of blood is normalized and the cardiovascular system will begin to work in the quiet mode.

For children

Corn porridge can become a favourite dish for the baby already from the first spoons of a feeding up. It does not cause allergic reactions, is easily acquired, is very nutritious, tasty. The lack of gluten in it does not ferment at children, and it is very important for the kids inclined to the increased gas generation. Folic acid plays a paramount role in the course of production of red blood cells, and porridge from ears has its large supplies.

Not only food, or Application of corn porridge

As far as this product is invaluable according to the contents, so it is universal in an application form.

In cookery

In some states the dish from gold ears became attribute of national pride. In Northern Italy it is called as polenta, in the Western Ukraine, Moldova and Romania porridge from cornmeal with cracklings, sheep cheese and onions — a hominy. In Mexico, corn flour (more precisely from a maize) is used in all national dishes. As food from this cereal produce grain, flour and also use grains.

Learn more about properties and culinary application of corn oil and also oil from wheat sprouts.

Flour is used for the test in various products. Grains of this cereal are baked, cooked, preserved, cook popcorn. Corn starch is used as thickener at preparation of creams and kissels. Grain from ears goes for preparation of first courses, garnishes and porridges.

Important! The fresh ear of corn loses about 40% of sugar in 6 hours of storage at the room temperature.

In cosmetology

At acne rash and age pigmentation of skin often apply masks from cornmeal. It makes the cleaning and calming impact. Such procedures are especially useful to dry skin: they moisten it, sate with nutritious minerals, revitalize, refresh.

In dietology

Nutritionists persistently recommend constant presence of corn porridge at the menu. If it is made on water, without addition of a large amount of oil, salt or sugar, then its caloric content is minimum in comparison with nutritiousness level. Keeping to diets this "gold" porridge the whole day will allow not to feel hungry, be in vigorous and vigorous mood.

As it is correct to choose grain upon purchase

To prepare a tasty dish, it is necessary to treat the choice of necessary products scrupulously. The first to what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of grain from ears, it to its color. It has to be saturated and uniform bright yellow, without foreign impregnations. We check also a product expiration date which has to be specified on packing. It is stored in densely closed glass tanks, in the places protected from light and humidity, at a temperature from-5 to +5 degrees.

Not only corn grits, but also other grain, such, as: buckwheat, porridge, rice, pearl barley and also a kinoa are are very useful to an ogranizm.

At home it is difficult to meet such conditions therefore from this grain you should not stock that it did not lose the tastes. Corn grits of a coarse grinding is effective for cleaning of intestines, but cooks longer. The average grinding is convenient for daily preparation within 30 minutes. In quick-cooking cereals and in baby food grain of a fine crushing is used. When choosing a product it is necessary to pay attention to it too.

Important! This cereal is capable to keep the unique properties at any heat treatment.

How to cook porridge

That the dish turned out tasty, it is necessary to know how it is correct to cook corn porridge. Competently chosen fresh raw materials for preparation of porridge should be washed out well, then to pour out slowly a thin stream, stirring slowly that there were no lumps, in the boiling milk or water if you cook dietary food. Before it it is necessary to add a little sugar and a pinch of salt to milk. To bring a dish to boiling, on small fire we cook it to readiness within 15 minutes, all the time stirring slowly. Then it is necessary to put butter to taste, to cover and weary as much again time. Porridge in combination with pumpkin turns out very tasty. Not to abuse sugar, it is possible to use honey, dried fruits, berries and fruit on a season.

Contraindications and harm of porridge from corn grits

In any rule there are exceptions. Unfortunately, there are those and for the use of products from a corn cereal. The people suffering from stomach ulcer of a stomach or DPK, especially during aggravation should exclude corn porridge from the menu. It is not necessary to eat this product with low caloric content that who has a lowered appetite, and in case of individual intolerance. Owing to the unique structure this porridge should not eat at diseases of blood clotting and thrombophlebitis. Corn porridge possesses the richest range of nutritious elements. It proves the advantage for health and beauty of the person, despite rather high rate of caloric content. In the absence of the diseases excluding its use, this grain will not do a little notable harm.

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