"Advantage and harm of jam: from cones, walnuts, a mountain ash, a guelder-rose, a sea-buckthorn, elder and other plants

"Advantage and harm of jam: from cones, walnuts, a mountain ash, a guelder-rose, a sea-buckthorn, elder and other plants

Preservation of fruits of plants by means of honey is known to mankind many centuries. Ancient people knew about curative properties of plants and invented a way of their preservation for a long time. Jam was done of ripe fruit, wild and garden berries, nuts, petals of roses, flowers of plants and even vegetables. It was useful medical delicacy from various illnesses not only for the nobility, but also for ordinary people.

Presently sugar acts as preservative of vegetable raw materials, and useful properties, as before, are provided to a vitamin component of plants and their fruits. It is possible to prepare delicacy in house conditions or to buy in supermarket.

The term "jam" comes from the verb "cook". It is the dessert made of parts of plants (fruits or flowers) by means of a provarivaniye in sugar solution. Delicacy consists of liquid syrup and separate pieces or the whole fruits. The consistence is almost always liquid and non-uniform.

  • has rich vitamin structure;
  • is means of prevention and strengthening of immunity;
  • can render the toning and medical effect on an organism;
  • improves work of a cardiovascular system;
  • accelerates recovery.

Apply sugar which is a source of "fast carbohydrates" and promotes a fast set of weight to preservation of fruit and berries.

The product can be contraindicated because of:

  • individual intolerance;
  • diseases of an urinogenital system, vessels, tendency to obesity;
  • diseases of kidneys and liver.

The surplus of sugar can provoke caries, promote a set of extra kilos.

Shishkovy jam is prepared in May from the young escapes which appeared on coniferous trees. The main medical qualities of needles — antibacterial and immunomodulatory. Its phytoncides disinfect air indoors, and essential oils promote clarification of an organism from slags and toxins. Useful impact of a product and on work of a cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and a digestive tract is proved. The product is excellent cold remedy — reduces heat, quickly cures cold, saves from viruses and bacteria.

Whether you know? Cones are the sprouts of coniferous trees which are not neither flowers, nor fruits. Raw materials for jam — sticky female green cones. Collect them in May or the beginning of June.

  • destruction of viruses, bacteria and prevention of cold;
  • disposal of an organism of fungi;
  • prevention of spring avitaminosis;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • normalization of level of hemoglobin in blood;
  • clarification of an organism from toxins;
  • preventing to formation of tumors;
  • normalization of work of nervous system;
  • increase in the general working capacity.

Read about advantage and ways of preparation of jam from cones.

The advantage of jam from cones for each person is individual. Active components affect all organism in a complex, adjusting work of various bodies through participation in exchange processes in a cage and at the intercellular level. In the preventive purposes it is enough to use 1 tablespoon of this delicacy daily to protect an organism from viruses and to provide it with necessary minerals and vitamins. High anti-cold properties of all coniferous repeatedly were confirmed by medical researches. Features of biochemical structure:

  • high content of vitamin C promotes healing of fabrics and strengthens immunity;
  • vitamins of group B have positive effect on work of a cardiovascular system, improve composition of blood and restore elasticity of vessels, normalize hemoglobin level;
  • vitamin A is prophylactic of strokes.

As well as other products, cones can cause allergic reaction in certain people. The feeding mothers cannot use delicacy because of possible allergic reaction at the kid. Pregnant women should approach with care any kinds of such products without consultation with the doctor. Up to 3 years and to elderly people after 60 years it is desirable for children to abstain from this delicacy because of excessive biochemical activity of a product. Nutritionists advise strictly to adhere to dosages of such desserts and not to exceed standard daily rate. The surplus of the majority of vitamins is dangerous and can cause organism intoxication.

Jam from green cones of a pine is used at catarrhal diseases and also diseases of the upper airways. Its sudorific and antibacterial properties accelerate recovery at cold, eliminate avitaminosis and promote strengthening of immunity. Hot tea with pine jam is especially useful. At diseases of a stomach and liver this dessert will eliminate stagnation of bile, will make antioxidant and anti-inflammatory impact. The dessert from pine kidneys is rich with vitamin C. The advantage and contraindications of pine escapes are provided with a number of properties.

Get acquainted with a recipe for jam from pine cones.

  • promotes regeneration of fabrics;
  • participates in various exchange processes in an organism;
  • provides normalization of the immune and hematologic status;
  • reduces risk of catarrhal diseases;
  • maintains resistance to a stress.
  • it is forbidden at individual intolerance of needles;
  • it is not recommended to the feeding mothers because of the probability of developing of an allergy at the kid;
  • it is forbidden at an acute heart failure.

Important! The use of 1-2 tsps of jam from cones in day for strengthening of immunity and increase in intellectual activity is useful for school students.

Fir cones jam — the rich storeroom of vitamins and minerals. This surprising product is also rich with tannins, essential oils, phytoncides and ascorbic acid. Delicacy maintains immunity, saturates an organism with biologically active agents, reduces risk of development of various diseases and minimizes the probability of complications. This dessert successfully fights against a scurvy, avitaminosis, anorexia, dystrophy, scoliosis, rickets. Essential oils promote activization of intercellular exchange and clarification of an organism from toxins and slags. Radio pitches normalize work of intestines, restore forces after a disease or operation. At cold jam eliminates a general malaise, a headache, promotes decrease in temperature at an initial stage of a disease, makes medical impact at elimination of cough, reduces intensity of inflammatory process.

We recommend to learn how to make fir cones jam.

  • diuretic;
  • antimicrobic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic;
  • sudorific;
  • bile-expelling.

The product is useful also at mouth diseases: inflammatory damages of gums, stomatitis, herpes. It is recommended at diseases of an urinogenital system: ureteritis, prostatitis, inflammatory processes. Promotes also recovering of an organism from a heart attack or a stroke. The fir cones dessert effectively eliminates excess of cholesterol, contributes to normalization of arterial blood pressure, prevents obstruction of vessels blood clots, increases elasticity of walls of vessels, helps work of heart.

Cedar cones are capable to cure the person of a set of illnesses. Medicinal properties and saturation vitamins of cedar cones are not subject to doubt. Jam from cedar cones:

  • promotes strengthening of immunity;
  • makes antimicrobial impact on an organism;
  • promotes a fast izlechivaniye of cold, flu, tonsillitis;
  • improves work of intestines and stomach;
  • treats gastritises and ulcer pathologies;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • normalizes composition of blood and improves work of vessels;
  • cures blood formation diseases;
  • improves mood, makes antidepressive impact;
  • serves as prophylactic of oncological diseases;
  • resumes forces and energy;
  • keeps health of skin.
  • sick hepatitis;
  • to women in the period of a lactation;
  • to pregnant women;
  • to persons with diseases of kidneys;
  • at individual intolerance;
  • at exacerbation of diseases of digestive tract;
  • to children up to 3 years.

Whether you know? Pine nuts are 3 times more nutritious than some cream from cow's milk. The cedar milk received from the ground seeds is used for treatment of tuberculosis.

For preparation of nut jam fruits in a stage of a dairy maturity are used. Such dessert is popular in many countries of Europe and Asia. Feature of nut is that its structure changes in process of maturing. Green nuts are rich with amino acids, vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine, zinc). The main advantage of nut delicacy is caused by the high content of iodine, C and E vitamins. It allows to apply green walnuts jam for:

  • prevention of the yododefitsit and treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland;
  • improvements of blood circulation of a brain, prevention of strokes and improvement of mental activity;
  • normalization of composition of blood;
  • increases in resilience of an organism to catarrhal diseases;
  • supports of immunity during change of seasons;
  • fight against a stress and during the work with big load of nervous system;
  • rehabilitations and accelerations of recovery at ulcer defeats and at gastritis.

Read how apply and how to make green walnuts jam.

Researches of the British scientists showed that the biochemical structure of walnuts is capable to prevent development of oncology of a prostate in men and tumors of mammary glands in women. Nuts make positive impact on reproductive function of the person, problems with potency at men warn. The advantage for women consists in normalization of a menstrual cycle, prevention of "female" diseases. However walnuts extremely kaloriyna therefore are not recommended at a diet and at weight loss. The people predisposed to an allergy need to monitor reaction of an organism and to begin the use of a new product with small doses (0.5 tsps), gradually increasing up to 2 tablespoons.

In the winter when the amount of the vitamins coming to an organism decreases, mountain ash jam will become useful addition to a daily diet. Its high immunomodulatory properties will warn catarrhal diseases, will increase the organism resilience to infections, will improve intestinal microflora. Advantage of a mountain ash dessert:

  • restores a tone after sports activities or physical activities;
  • accelerates process of rehabilitation after a disease;
  • normalizes blood formation, warns anemia, chronic fatigue and diseases of vessels;
  • contributes to normalization of work of a myocardium;
  • normalizes work of a liver and kidneys and also a GIT.
  • allergies;
  • the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • thrombosis.

It is important! To remove bitterness from mountain ash berries, they can be placed in the freezer for day. And then before use to fill in berries with boiled water for 5 minutes — it will reduce their tartness.

The chemical composition of a red mountain ash is vitamin-rich B1, B2, B9, A, PP, manganese, copper, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron. A red mountain ash jam is prophylactic of pathologies of vessels. Delicacy strengthens immunity, increases the organism resilience to viruses and bacteria, fills a reserve of the vitamins especially necessary in winter time. At cold has febrifugal effect, removes organism intoxication, has moderate sudorific effect. Berries of a mountain ash are considered as a vegetable antibiotic which is capable to eliminate a set of viruses and bacteria. The mountain ash is capable to lower the level of cholesterol and to protect a liver from consequences of addictions, has excellent bile-expelling properties and is useful at dyskinesia of bilious ways. Regular consumption of jam from a mountain ash improves work of intestines, promotes elimination of locks and a meteorizm, eliminates intestinal spasms.

It is useful to learn about how to cook a red mountain ash jam.

  • to people with a syndrome of chronic fatigue and at the raised emotional loading;
  • to women for prevention of fungal diseases and also for restoration of reproductive functions;
  • to children at frequent colds;
  • to school students for improvement of memory and concentration of attention;
  • to people with dysbacteriosis and after treatment by antibiotics.
  • there is a tendency to formation of blood clots as delicacy increases blood clotting;
  • at gastritis with the increased acidity;
  • at the had stroke, IBS, a heart attack;
  • in the presence of an allergy to a red mountain ash.

The black-fruited mountain ash differs in a large amount of iodine and vitamin C. Jam from it is capable to increase immunity and to prevent winter avitaminosis. On iodine content the aroniya (black mountain ash) considerably overtakes raspberry. This feature is capable to eliminate apathy, to increase operability of an organism. Berries of an aroniya contain a large amount of the PP vitamin which is powerful antioxidant. Several spoons of delicacy in day will have beneficial influence on work of digestive tract. The black-fruited mountain ash is especially useful to the people suffering from the lowered acidity. Its berries are capable to normalize the pH level in a human body, thereby having removed the causes for gastritis and appearance of ulcers. Aroniya normalizes work of cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Read about application of a black-fruited mountain ash in traditional medicine and cosmetology.

  • to school students at exhaustion, fatigue, avitaminosis;
  • to people with the GIT diseases connected with dysbacteriosis and the lowered acidity;
  • at nervousness, a bad dream and nervous exhaustion and also for strengthening of immunity.
  • individual intolerance;
  • tendencies to thromboses.

Whether you know? The black-fruited mountain ash was delivered to Europe from North America only in the 19th century. To a temperate climate the tree was adapted by the famous selector Ivan Michurin.

The popularity of a guelder-rose is caused by its useful properties. It eliminates inflammatory processes, strengthens an organism, renders antibacterial effect. Berries in a large number contain vitamin C. Regular consumption of jam from a guelder-rose promotes reduction of risk of catarrhal diseases. Kalinovy jam — fine anesthetic. Consumption of this delicacy on a regular basis positively affects a condition of skin, hair and nails that is especially important for women. Useful properties of jam from a guelder-rose:

  • normalization of acid balance of an organism;
  • increase in immunity;
  • izlechivaniye of diseases of digestive tract;
  • elimination of inflammations of the skin, acne rash;
  • fight against viruses and bacteria.

Study the best recipes on preparation of jam from a guelder-rose.

  • individual intolerance;
  • the regular lowered pressure;
  • the increased blood clotting and risk of thrombosis.

At the use of a product it is necessary to remember that the surplus of biologically active elements, including vitamins, is harmful to an organism therefore the daily dosage should not exceed 2–3 tablespoons a day. Nutritionists advise to use kalinovy delicacy with breaks: 10–14 days reception, and then monthly break.

Sea-buckthorn jam — the natural medicine capable to cure of a set of diseases. The product is vitamin-rich groups B and also C, E, K, PP, A. The feature of berries of a sea-buckthorn is that at their processing at high temperatures vitamins from them do not disappear. Advantage of sea-buckthorn jam:

  • renders antibacterial effect;
  • is prevention of avitaminosis;
  • normalizes work of a cardiovascular system and intestines;
  • is cold remedy;
  • antioxidant properties help with elimination of a renal failure.

We suggest to get acquainted with a recipe for sea-buckthorn jam.

The daily dose makes 2–3 tablespoons, it is enough for prevention of catarrhal diseases and avitaminosis. The sea-buckthorn is useful to pregnant women as it fills a reserve of vitamins, struggles with viruses and strengthens immunity. Side effects and contraindications for the use are not revealed. However with care it is necessary to treat this dessert at the following pathologies:

  • allergy to a sea-buckthorn;
  • renal failure;
  • urolithic disease;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • sharp gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • hepatitis;
  • pancreatitis.

For preparation of jam from elder use berries of black color. They are excellent anti-inflammatory and also diuretic and sudorific. Elder is applied to treatment of diseases of joints, tendency to obesity, hypostases, intestines diseases. This berry is recommended for cleaning of an organism of slags and normalization of digestion. Delicacy from elder for people is contraindicated:

  • with diseases of kidneys as renders diuretic effect;
  • trying to lose excess weight, because of the high content of sugar;
  • inclined to an allergy, because of the vitamin C which is contained in delicacy which can provoke allergic reaction.

Important! It is impossible to use red berries for preparation. They are poisonous for people!

The hawthorn renders medical effect at pathologies of a cardiovascular system. Hawthorn jam with stones will be useful for:

  • pressure decrease;
  • elimination of a headache or migraine;
  • treatments of epilepsy;
  • normalization of level of glucose at diabetics;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • normalization of work of a liver;
  • elimination of diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • normalization of work of nervous system.

Diuretic properties do useful consumption of jam from a hawthorn at puffiness. This delicacy strengthens inflow of breast milk during a lactation.

Learn, than it is useful how to collect and dry that it is possible to make of a hawthorn.

The daily volume of jam from a hawthorn should not exceed 50 g, at excess of this indicator side effects in a look can appear:

  • the speeded-up heartbeat;
  • raised HELL;
  • nervousness.

The hawthorn can be harmful to patients with hypotonia and arrhythmia. At the increased acidity of a stomach it is better to use it in the form of tea not to provoke spasms.

Currant jam valuably high content of vitamins, in particular vitamin C and also the anti-cold properties. Among several types of currant of the most useful the blackcurrant is considered. In its structure: vitamins, micro and macrocells, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids. Than currant jam is useful:

  • anti-cold properties provide strong support of the immune system, 50–70 g of delicacy a day for this purpose there are enough;
  • it is capable to calm nervous system, to reduce stress;
  • the powerful diuretic effect will help to get rid of puffiness and "bags" under eyes;
  • currant will softly reduce the increased acidity in intestines, will make the normalizing impact and will suppress development of pathogenic microflora, will save from swelling and spasms;
  • facilitates cough and has antiseptic properties.

Whether you know? Unripe berries of currant contain 4 times more vitamin C, than ripened. At a perezrevaniye its content will become minimum, and berry will be unsuitable to preparation of jam.

Thanks to the tastes, a gooseberry — an obligatory element in our food. Preparing these valuable berries for the winter, you provide an organism with a rich set of vitamins and minerals. This berry prevents avitaminosis and maintains immunity. The gooseberry is richest with food fibers, vitamin C, copper which, in turn, improves supply of cages of an organism with oxygen, actively participates in oxidation-reduction reactions of an organism and stimulates digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin C actively counteracts viruses, eliminates bleeding of gums, promotes regeneration and healing of fabrics.

Read about useful properties of a gooseberry for a human body.

  • increases physical endurance;
  • increases intellectual working capacity;
  • loads with energy, takes off fatigue and tones up;
  • strengthens protective functions of an organism;
  • counteracts viruses;
  • eliminates puffiness;
  • accelerates a metabolism;
  • normalizes work of a system of digestion and"

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