Advantage of carrots

Advantage of carrots

Carrots – a source of youth, beauty and longevity. The first carrot had absolutely other color. It was either lilac, or yellow-white. In the 16th century the first carrots of color, habitual for us, were removed.

Structure of carrots: cellulose, essential oils, pro-vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, E, K vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, chrome, fluorine, zinc and iron.

Carrots are applied in treatment of many diseases. Advantage of carrots is that it contains beta carotene (pro-vitamin A) in large numbers. Crude carrots improve digestion and stimulate growth at children. It is most useful in combination with fat-containing products: nuts, vegetable oils, sour cream, etc.

Carrots purify blood, bring toxins and slags out of an organism, normalize exchange processes. Carrots are also useful at avitaminosis and an anemia.

Carrots increase amount of antioxidants in blood, intensify oxidizing and recovery processes in organism cages, strengthen the immune system, reduce risk of a disease of cancer and stimulate dews of new cages.

Also LifeGid advises: Than boiled carrots are useful.

Thanks to potassium, carrots are useful also at diseases of a cardiovascular system, elevated pressure and atherosclerosis.

Carrot juice brings stones and salts out of a liver and kidneys. Carrots eliminate locks and hemorrhoids treat, regulate exchange of carbohydrates and improve digestion.

Carrots are applied at Qatar of the upper airways, poor eyesight, stomatitis, inflammations of an oral cavity and a tonsillitis.

You should not use carrots without measure. If to eat more than 1 kg. carrots, there can come karotinovy jaundice. It not a horrible disease – it is worth stopping using carrots, and the disease will pass by itself. Disease symptoms: yellow spots on skin.

Also you should not be fond of carrots at inflammation of a small intestine, ulcers of stomach and duodenum.

For salad it is necessary to buy the brightest carrots without cracks and not too thick.

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