Advantage of cow's milk"

Advantage of cow's milk"

the mention of cow's milk the far childhood, a table with fresh pair milk with newly-baked bread and butter is at once remembered. This there was the real useful breakfast which will be simply unclear to modern generation.

Cow's milk – the useful product containing a complex of the vitamins, minerals and minerals promoting the correct growth of an organism and regulation of a metabolism.

The lactose which is contained in milk favorably influences work of all systems of bodies, in particular on cardiovascular, nervous and enzymatic. It is a pity that many people do not suit this product, due to intolerance of this compound substance.

In milk there is a large amount of calcium which participates in formation and normal functioning of a bone and muscular system and also structure of the tooth device. It is especially recommended to use cow's milk to children, and here it is not recommended to elderly people because of features of food and change of digestive system. The diet on cow's milk which is personally checked by me promotes the valid weight reduction, and fatty tissue decreased and utonchatsya, and here muscles did not suffer in any way and even if you go to gym, then such method duration of 3-4 days is very useful.

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It is better to drink milk in the morning or before going to bed, and the effect of the last is very interesting – promotes good dreams and elimination of tension and fatigue of a neuromuscular system. Also do not listen to anybody who says that milk promotes formation of a fat layer and irritation of a digestive tract.

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