Advantage of garlic

Advantage of garlic

Garlic is a popular vegetable with burning taste and a characteristic smell. Cloves of a bulb of garlic apply as sowing material, eat in crude and also in the prepared look, as seasoning. Also garlic is often used in traditional medicine, thanks to the antiseptic action.


1. Consumption of garlic – excellent prevention of flu and cold. It is recommended to eat it and the diseased it is to restore normal immunity rather. Eat one garlic glove on an empty stomach for prevention of respiratory diseases.

2. Garlic perfectly lowers cholesterol level in blood, quickly reduces arterial blood pressure that is excellent prevention of developing of atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension. For this purpose crush 500 g of garlic and fill in 0.5 l of vodka, leave to infuse in the dark place within a month, filter through a dense gauze and accept on 1 drop of tincture on 2 kg of weight strictly in the morning, on an empty stomach.

3. Also garlic is used for weight loss and for normalization of a metabolism. It is necessary to eat daily before each meal garlic: in the first day – one clove, in the second – two cloves, etc. till sixth day. Of the sixth day the countdown is conducted, gradually reducing consumption of garlic.

4. Garlic is applied in fight against parasitic hearts. For this purpose do enemas with garlic juice two times a week. To prepare garlic solution for an enema, 2 tablespoons of a fresh garlic juice undertake and get divorced from 1 l of water.

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