Advantage of milk beverages

Advantage of milk beverages

The advantage of milk for health was known for a long time. On the basis of milk many other useful products are framed – at the moment there are already more than 100 names of various milk beverages.

Than milk beverages are useful?


As the main destination of milk which is thought up by the nature is feeding of cubs, it is easy to guess that all substances, necessary for activity of an organism, are its part. Milk is rich with calcium therefore it is recommended to drink to people who have problems with skeletal system (fractures, osteoporosis, etc.). Milk helps to overcome insomnia, brings excess liquid out of an organism and reduces acidity of a stomach. Experts recommend it to accept at such diseases as atherosclerosis, diseases of kidneys and a liver, cardiovascular insufficiency, bronchial asthma and obesity.

However, contraindications are also available for milk. It can't be drunk if in an organism the insufficient amount of lactase – enzyme which participates in its digestion is developed. Also milk can aggravate the diseases which are followed by a loose stool. Milk isn't recommended to use some time before operation. And, certainly, this product is contraindicated to those who have on it an allergy.

Dairy drinks

In spite of the fact that all dairy drinks are produced from milk, in the course of fermentation they gain additional properties which usual milk doesn't have. The main difference consists in their best comprehensibility. The fact is that at fermentation milk protein turns into gentle flakes which are digested an organism better. The most important medicinal property of fermented milk products is an improvement of intestinal microflora. Lactic bacteria create the useful environment interfering reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in intestines. Unlike whole milk, dairy drinks don't cause allergies.

Curdled milk

Curdled milk is one of the first drinks which was prepared on the basis of milk. This product turns out under the influence of lactic bacteria – streptococci. Curdled milk is very well acquired by an organism and has antibacterial effect.

Boiled fermented milk

Boiled fermented milk is a kind of curdled milk. From usual it is distinguished by a method of preparation at which use cream and milk. The milk mix is heated to temperature of 95 degrees then skvashivat by means of clean cultures of a lactic streptococcus. A boiled fermented milk unlike curdled milk fatter and high-calorie – in 100 g of a product contains 84 kcal.


For preparation of this drink baked milk which is skvashivat a sour-milk stick and streptococci is used. As a result drink with unusual taste which has devoted admirers turns out.


In comparison with other dairy products, yogurt appeared rather recently, but at once gained huge popularity. In fact, yogurt is too a kind of curdled milk which turns out thanks to the special yogurt ferment consisting of streptococci of a special type and the Bulgarian stick. Yogurt has practically all properties which are inherent in dairy drinks.


Kefir is, perhaps, the most widespread dairy drink which is fermented by means of a special kefiric fungus. Devote to this drink odes, constantly investigate it, revealing all new health giving qualities. The kefir formula is modernized tirelessly, enriching drink with additional useful substances. Kefir, as well as other fermented milk products, contains complete proteins, is well acquired by an organism, improves digestion and has antibacterial properties.

Acidophilus milk

Acidophilus milk in the properties is similar to kefir, however the atsidofilinovy stick which is used in preparation of this drink, takes root in intestines better. In comparison with other dairy drinks acidophilus milk is much longer capable to support useful microflora and purity in intestines. Besides, acidophilic microorganisms can produce antibiotic substances in intestines. They aren't subject to influence of some types of antibiotics, so, after their treatment intestinal microflora won't suffer. 

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