Advantage of pumpkin sunflower seeds

Advantage of pumpkin sunflower seeds

These flat, dark green seeds have chewing texture and a sweet, nut taste. They are the concentrated source of many vitamins, useful to health. Here main useful properties of pumpkin sunflower seeds.


1. Only 1 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 11 grams of complete vegetable protein that does them by really powerful source of rich amino acids which serve as construction blocks for organism cages. They contain more protein, than in the beef.

2. Seeds of pumpkin are vitamin-rich also minerals, in particular magnesium, zinc and phosphorus which maintain health of bones and promote prevention of osteoporosis. Their powerful antioxidant properties help to cure arthritises, to eliminate bone pains and puffiness.

3. They are the only seeds which have the alkalinizing effect and at the same time fill a body with energy. 1 cup of seeds contains nearly 300 calories that does them by ideal nutritious snack in intervals between meals. Only several handfuls of seeds will save you from feeling of hunger.

4. Contain high concentration of phytosterols which have powerful effect of decrease in level of cholesterol and give necessary support to a cardiovascular system. They are also an excellent source of irreplaceable fatty acids which, in turn, increase the level of ""good"" cholesterol, thereby strengthen heart.

5. They contain essential amino acid tryptophane which emits the hormone known as serotonin, happiness hormone. The use of seeds on a regular basis will help to fight fatigue and a stress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team