Agave syrup: in what advantage and whether there is a harm

Agave syrup: in what advantage and whether there is a harm

Recently there are more and more supporters of a healthy lifestyle who suggest to replace sugar with sweeteners on the basis of fructose – for example, agave syrup. At the same time publications about harm of sweeteners began to appear. This article will help to understand a question how useful or harmful agave syrup is.

Description of a product

Syrup or nectar of an agave is a product which is produced from juice of leaves and a core of a plant under the name an agave which grows in the mountains of Mexico and reminds an aloe. This juice is heated to temperature of 45-70 °C and uvarivat to density; if not to make it, juice quickly will become home brew. Syrup from agave juice so sweet that is many times more sweet than some sugar.

It is important! As at production of a product nothing is used, except juice, it is completely natural sweetener.

Produce 3 types of syrups:

  1. Dark – is exposed to long cooking, on color is similar to dark amber, and to taste – to treacle.
  2. The light – filtered, refined, color golden-yellow, taste honey with a caramel shade.
  3. Natural (crude, live) – at its production the heating takes place on low temperatures.

Structure and caloric content of syrup

In 100 g of nectar of an agave 76 g of carbohydrates contain that makes 36% of standard daily rate of the ordinary person, and 0.5 g of fats that makes 0.8% of standard daily rate. Caloric content of such quantity of a product reaches 320 kcal, but depending on the producer can reach 397 kcal.

Whether you know? The real tequila is made only of juice of a blue agave, without any additives, and only in 5 states of Mexico from 31.

The basis of sweetener is formed by fructose, at different producers its share is at the level of 50–90%.

Advantage or harm

Often people consider that natural products cannot be harmful, however it not so. Despite completely natural structure, nectar of an agave possesses not only useful properties, it can also do harm.

Whether there is an advantage

The main advantage of syrup – the high content of fructose (fruit sugar) which has the low glycemic index (15-19) therefore does not lead to increase in level of sugar in blood and is suitable for patients with diabetes.

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Besides, advantage of sweet from an agave such:

  1. More sweet taste, than at sugar therefore the smaller amount of syrup for a podslashcheniye will be required. It means that the number of the used calories will decrease.
  2. The low glycemic index allows to use a product that who eats across Montinyak.
  3. The natural product contains inulin – the prebiotic improving work of intestines.
  4. The crude product contains saponins – substances from plants which promote the best penetration of hemoglobin into blood plasma, dilute a phlegm, eliminate locks, do not allow cholesteric plaques to be laid on walls of vessels, nerves calm.

Possible harm and precautionary measures

Despite the lack of sugar, syrup of an agave can make harmful effects because of fructose content:

  1. On the impact on people of sweet it is possible to compare to drugs, they also bring pleasure. If instead of sugar fructose arrives and there will be no increase in level of glucose, the brain will not receive a signal of satisfaction. It will lead to strengthening of desire to eat sweets. As a result the quantity of the eaten desserts increases, and with it and the number of calories.
  2. Many people consider that as fructose belongs to dietary products, desserts with it can be eaten in unlimited number. But as its caloric content is only a little lower, than at sugar, the number of the used calories as a result increases.
  3. Our organism cannot acquire fructose – only the liver which will transform fructose to glucose (if it does not arrive with food) or harmful cholesterol is capable of it. That is cells of a liver regenerate in fat, deposits of subcutaneous fat increase.
  4. The excess of fructose increases gas generation in intestines and its irritation.
  5. Fructose can damage genes of the person.
  6. Fructose can cause insulin resistance of cages – as a result sugar does not turn into energy, and remains in blood.
  7. Such substitute of sugar breaks exchange of copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, formation of collagen, elastane.
  8. The most part of producers cooks syrup at high temperature, and it destroys almost all useful substances in agave juice.

Result of unlimited consumption of fructose:

  • obesity;
  • fat gepatoz;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • defects in arteries and bones;
  • gout;
  • anemia;
  • stones in kidneys;
  • infertility;
  • presenilation.

Important! Using agave syrup, observe precautionary measures: you remember that the total amount of fructose which comes to our organism in all food should not exceed 25 g a day.

Features of use of syrup

Syrup of an agave is applied in cookery, medicine and cosmetology.

In cookery

Culinary application of a product consists of 2 directions:

  • for production of moonshine or wine;
  • for a podslashcheniye of various dishes.

Sweeten with it desserts, pastries, creams, tea, coffee and other drinks, water pancakes and baked puddings, use instead of honey.

Whether you know? The contraceptive tablets made in China on the basis of agave juice accept 1–2 pieces a month.

In medicine

Syrup from juice of an agave is used in the medical purposes for:

  • inflammation removals;
  • reduction of the sizes of new growths;
  • stimulations of digestion of calcium;
  • anesthesia at problems in joints and ligaments;
  • removals of morbidity of the hurt places;
  • improvements of work of intestines;
  • fluidifying of a phlegm;
  • prevention of a sclerosis;
  • productions of medicines with a cortisone and progesterone;
  • production of contraceptives.

In cosmetology

Cosmetology application of a product:

  • as a part of masks for the weakened hair;
  • for treatment of eels and furuncles.

Thus, syrup from juice of an agave is applied in cookery, medicine and cosmetology. It treats dietary products, is used as replacement to sugar and honey as it has a low glycemic index less calories.

Important! Buying syrup for culinary use, pay attention to a fructose share in it – the quality product supports her at the level of 50%.

However you should not be fond excessively of its use because the advantage can be replaced by harm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team