All about advantage and harm of condensed milk

All about advantage and harm of condensed milk

Condensed milk long since is considered favourite delicacy both for children, and for adults. About advantage, harm and other features of this product the speech in this article will also go.

This product is made of whole cow's milk by means of heat treatment. Despite this, all useful properties of milk remain. At production a large number of sugar is added therefore the product is considered rather high-calorie and will not suit those who adhere to a diet. Usual condensed milk contains 328 kcal, boiled — 315 kcal.

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  • water — 67 g;
  • saccharides — 55 g;
  • cholesterol — 30 g;
  • saturated fatty acids — about 5 g;
  • ashes — 1.75 g;
  • organic acids — 0.4 g.
  • vitamin A;
  • B1 vitamin;
  • B2 vitamin;
  • B12 vitamin;
  • vitamin A.
  • potassium — 371.0 mg (7.9% of standard daily rate);
  • calcium — 284.0 mg (28.4%);
  • phosphorus — 253.0 mg (36.1%);
  • sodium — 127.0 mg (9.8%);
  • magnesium — 26.0 mg (6.5%);
  • zinc — 0.9 mg (8.50%);
  • iron — 0.2 mg (1.9%);
  • selenium — 14.8 mkg (26.9%).

If to compare condensed milk to other sweets, then only milk and sugar as it is made in accordance with GOST is its part. From this point of view condensed milk is more useful a wafer or candies which part harmful components are.

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Thanks to contents in condensed milk of vitamins, macro - and minerals, it has the following useful properties:

  • strengthening of muscles and bone tissue;
  • increase in operability of a brain;
  • raises a kroveobrazovaniye;
  • high nutritional value;
  • improves sight;
  • improvement of work of nervous system.

But nevertheless at the use it is important to know sense of proportion. It is recommended to eat two teaspoons a day.

Whether you know? The idea of preparation of a product belongs to the French culinary specialist N. Apper.

Considering the high caloric content of a product, it is not necessary to eat condensed milk to people with an excessive weight. Because of presence of a large number of sugar it is contraindicated to the people having diabetes. The low-quality or made not in accordance with GOST product containing palm oil, preservatives, white E171 dye can be also hazardous to health (very toxic, it is applied at production of paints, solar accumulators).

The question interests many whether condensed milk at chest feeding is possible, to pregnant women and also at other special states.

All experts, however in small portions recommend to add to food this product to the feeding mothers. The nursing mother will enough add a delicacy teaspoon to tea that is favorable for increase in a lactation. It is necessary to enter condensed milk at chest feeding gradually, it is desirable in the first half of day and to watch a condition of the kid. It should be noted that the feeding mothers need to eat only fresh, quality condensed milk made according to standards without lumps and chemical additives. Emergence of allergic reaction in the child will be refusal of the use of a product for the feeding mothers.

There are no strict contraindications to consumption of condensed milk by pregnant women, it is worth adhering to moderate portions only. At tendency to obesity or fear to gain excess weight, it is better to refrain from it completely. Also it is worth refusing this delicacy if there are problems with digestion or individual intolerance of components of condensed milk.

Whether you know? The first plant on production of condensed milk opened in the USA in 1858.

The people having gastritis can also use condensed milk in small amounts. The main thing that it were products of the checked brands made in accordance with GOST and without additional flavoring additives. Anyway, it is better to consult with the treating doctor to avoid any complications.

To the people suffering from inflammation of a pancreas, this delicacy is forbidden. Condensed milk is a trudnousvoyaemy product therefore even at achievement of remission you should not use it.

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Presently on shelves of supermarkets a huge number of this product is presented. But it is possible to make this delicacy and independently therefore we offer the recipe which will allow to make quickly and with little effort house condensed milk.

For preparation it is required to you:

  • 1 l of milk;
  • 180 g of sugar.
  1. We take a small bowl and we add to it ingredients.
  2. We place capacity on a plate and we bring to boiling stirring slowly.
  3. We cook on small fire until weight is lowered up to 400 g.
  4. The received mix needs to be filtered and cooled. Condensed milk is ready.

The way of packing promotes long storage of a product. Temperature has to be from 0 to 10 With °, humidity — 75%. If to cook condensed milk, then the term of its storage will not decrease. It is necessary to store open capacity in the fridge no more than a week, then it will keep the flavoring and useful qualities. It is desirable to shift a product in other container with a plastic cover as the metal tin can be oxidized and give to delicacy unpleasant smack. Condensed milk very tasty and useful. It is better to use it in a small amount. Also it is worth following certain rules at its storage.

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