Amino acids for growth of muscles: advantage and harm

Amino acids for growth of muscles: advantage and harm

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For growth and increase in muscle bulk and also for its restoration amino acids — substances of which protein is under construction are considered as one of the most important and valuable nutritional supplements. Any bodybuilder does not do without intake of amino acids. Let's understand in what advantage of this additive and as it is correct to accept it.

What is amino acids

Amino acids are the nutrients which are the main components of protein and united in special polymeric chains. In total there are 21 types of amino acids which the human body uses for growth of muscles, their strengthening and restoration after heavy physical activities or injuries.

In fact, these substances are peculiar construction blocks of which all organism consists.

Read in more detail about what is amino acids and also for what they are necessary in sport.

There are three amino-acid groups:

Video: about amino acids for growth of muscles the Most part of amino acids of people is capable to be received from food, however at the increased physical activity the need for additives increases, so, there is a need for their additional reception.

Whether you know? So-called amino acids with branched chains — VSAA (Branched-chain amino acid) are of special value for a human body: leucine, valine and isoleucine. They make 35% of all amino acids in muscles. VSAA are not formed by an organism therefore the person has to receive them with products or special additives.

Influence on an organism of the bodybuilder

The use of amino-acid medicines by athletes is carried out for achievement of specific goals: for a set of muscle bulk, suppression of appetite and burning of a fat layer, increase in efficiency of trainings, etc.

However intake of additives is not always justified, and is in certain cases capable to do harm to an organism.


Advantage of the use of amino acids huge, as they as protein components, have a number of key properties:

Important! One of the most important functions of amino acids is fat-burning. Therefore that who wants to lose extra kilos experts recommend to use this additive.

Side effects

The use of amino acids practically is never followed by side effects if the medicine dosage is strictly observed. Before intake of additive the consultation of the doctor will be required if are available:

It is necessary to use the described nutrients with care, since the minimum dosages and attentively looking behind a condition of an organism. In case of undesirable reactions it is recommended to stop consumption of amino acids and to address for medical consultation.

The best amino acids for growth of muscles

For the active growth of muscle bulk and also recovery of muscles VSAA amino acids are considered as the best.

Are their part:

VSAA give rise to anabolic developments of mass of muscles, allow to save up in them enough energy and to improve functioning of immunity.

Besides, there are other amino-acid substances, significant for the person:

Learn more about sports food of VSAA.

From all types of nutritional supplements the professionals consider the best option a hydrolyzate (the protein split to the level of amino acids) which basis is formed by egg white and a serumal protein. In addition experts advise to give preference to VSAA.

Video: about VSAA amino acids

As it is correct to accept

As the element of sport food, amino acid are made in various forms, convenient for consumers: tablets, powder for preparation of cocktails, capsules or liquid substances.

At the moment the rating in popularity and demand is headed by liquid additives as they are most quicker acquired by an organism.

Important! According to professional athletes, liquid amino acids allow to achieve much quicker the desirable objective and to build up muscle bulk. However storage of similar medicines demands observance of a set of nuances, besides, they have quite high cost in comparison with powders or tablets.

The efficiency of the use of an amino-acid complex will depend not only on a look and quality of components, but also on correctness of reception.

Experts advise at the use of these nutrients to follow two basic rules:

Proceeding from such rules, professionals recommend to drink amino-acid additives in 20 minutes prior to meal or directly in the course of food. Also some manufacturers of medicines advise them to use before going to bed and after the training occupations.

For those who wish to lose quicker extra kilos the frequency of consumption of special additives can increase.

In bodybuilding the intake of amino-acid medicines is carried out in quite big range of dosages. However the single dose of substances has to make no more than 5 g. The greatest possible dosage equals 10–20 g.

For certain will interestingly read you that it is better to accept a protein or amino acids.

In what products contain

For growth of muscle bulk the use of amino acids is considered the most favorable and effective option. They, in fact, work just as a protein, however work much quicker.

It should be noted that the organism needs all types of acids therefore they should be used not only by means of intake of concrete medicines, but also by means of food. Products as a source of a protein should be estimated in terms of its comprehensibility as, coming to an organism, it becomes the main construction element for muscles.

As the best sources of a bystrousvoyaemy protein are considered:

Application of any kind of sports food always has to be strictly controllable. Amino acids — magnificent, useful and effective additive which serves for creation of muscle bulk. It is perfectly combined with other types sport pita, however can be not always accepted with them at the same time.

Whether you know? Scientists proved that even at considerable excess of a dose of amino acids the harm for an organism will be minimum. It is just necessary to understand that the organism is capable to acquire no more than 5-6 g of substances an hour, and at regular overdose the removal of its surplus can have an adverse effect on work of kidneys and a liver.

Growth of muscles — long and gradual process therefore you should not accelerate it by means of increase in a dosage of special additives as it can lead to negative consequences, including deterioration in health.

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