Apple desserts: 3 simple recipes

Apple desserts: 3 simple recipes

Apples – an all-weather product which is used as in the natural form, and for creation of various desserts. Preparation doesn't occupy them a lot of time, and even those who not really well are able to prepare, with ease will cope with apple desserts.

There are many difficult and volume recipes of desserts with apples, however they demand abilities, skill and a large supply of time, forces. 

Baked apples

  • Take several average apples, sugar and icing sugar.
  • Apples should be washed out, then to remove a core, to put on the prepared baking tray and to fill up sugar in the middle. After to add water a few and to bake in an oven.
  • Duration of roasting depends on the size of apples and their grade.
  • The made apples can be watered with favourite syrup and to add to them icing sugar.

Apple dumplings

  • Clean and cut several apples. Put them in a bowl, add sugar. That fruit didn't darken, it is necessary to sprinkle them lemon juice.
  • Doughing requires one egg. At first it is necessary to separate a yolk from protein. To add a salt pinch, sugar (teaspoon), sour cream (tablespoon), flour (2 tablespoons) and milk (tablespoon) to a yolk. To mix everything and to enter protein whip.
  • Now it is necessary to dunk each piece of apple into dough and to fry it in oil before formation of a crust. Ready apples can be powdered with icing sugar and cinnamon.

For record: if you take apples of winter grades, then after roasting put them in an oven for several minutes.

Fast apple pie "The Guest on a Threshold": recipe

Small cut 2-3 apples, previously having peeled them from a thin skin. Oil a baking tray or lay a tracing-paper, strew with ready bread crumbs or pounded simple cookies. Lay apples in one layer.

For the test will be required:

  • eggs (4 pieces);
  • granulated sugar (200 grams);
  • flour (200 grams).

Mix and shake up all ingredients by means of the mixer before receiving a uniform mix. Then to fill in with this mix apples and to bake 35-40 minutes (temperature of 185-190 degrees).

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