"Apples during pregnancy: advantage and harm green, red, dried, baked

"Apples during pregnancy: advantage and harm green, red, dried, baked

Origin of new life demands from future mother of scrupulous approach to drawing up the daily food allowance. But to saturate an organism with the necessary vitamins and mineral substances, it is not necessary to chase exotic fruit. Usual apples can quite replace them. These fruits are how useful to pregnant women whether they can do much harm, whether there are restrictions in their use and what versions are preferable, ― it is told about all this further.

Gastronomic addictions of women which are preparing for motherhood are very surprising and inexplicable.

From the medical point of view the thirst for any product can arise against the background of hormonal changes which happen in an organism to the beginning of pregnancy. Often already on early terms of pre-natal development of a fruit mother wants some salty and sour viands. Favourite having a snack at the majority are green apples with sourness.

Whether you know? The most long-living apple-tree is planted by American Peter Styuvesant near New York more than 380 years ago. It is characteristic that the tree still fructifies.

Many experts consider this physiological requirement absolutely normal, motivating it with what the organism itself dictates what substance is not enough for it now. It is no secret, that apples — a source of a set of vitamins and minerals so their regular use is very useful for health of future kid and mother. However you should not forget about sense of proportion and also about specific features of the body.

It is proved that at the beginning of development of an embryo in a female body sekretorny functions of bodies of a digestive tract decrease; the gastric juice and various enzymes is less actively emitted, the more often there are nausea attacks, loss of appetite.

Sour food as it stimulates producing gastric juice helps to cope with this discomfort and increases fermental activity — thus, intestines of the pregnant woman begin to digest better food and more intensively to soak up from it useful nutrients.

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It is characteristic that the sharp need for sour is fixed at the subconscious level, and most of women does not even notice it.

It is senseless to refuse native fruit in favor of exotic overseas. On the contrary, physicians recommend to all future mothers to eat on several apples in day. It is the real well of "construction materials", valuable to a germ. Their advantage consists in the rich chemical composition:

  • the apple and lemon acids which are present at pulp promote strengthening of walls of blood arteries, eliminate hypostases and have diuretic effect;
  • pectins are characterized by clearing properties, helping to bring toxins and the accumulated slags out of an organism;
  • a set of vitamins (In, C, PP, A) well influences functioning of internals and actively participates in internal biological processes;
  • mineral substances (potassium, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, chrome, selenium) ensure full functioning of a cardiovascular system, digestive tract, thyroid gland, liver and kidneys;
  • at complex interrelation of apple components the improvement of a condition of skin, hair and nails and also strengthening of immunity is observed;
  • organic acids and cellulose stimulate work of digestive bodies, fermental activity and increase vitality;
  • iron controls hemoglobin level in blood, preventing anemia;
  • magnesium, besides salutary impact on work of a cardiovascular system, stimulates decrease in a tone of a uterus;
  • calcium acts as active construction material of skeletal system of future kid (it is very relevant in the first trimester of pregnancy).

Important! Fruit stimulate production of hydrochloric acid in a stomach that helps to prepare a digestive tract for further reception of food. Therefore similar having a snack is categorically not recommended before going to bed.

Nutritionists note that at potential mothers who regularly use apples the vermicular movement of intestines amplifies and work of a gall bladder is strengthened.

The fresh, baked and dried fruits are recommended to pregnant women. Each version is in own way useful, but at its choice the doctors advise to pay attention to terms of pre-natal development of a germ.

Fruit contain the maximum quantity of nutrients in such look and are considered as the most useful. Moderate consumption of fresh apples:

  • promotes the correct formation of an embryo;
  • feeds a maternal organism with necessary vitamins and mineral components;
  • prevents spontaneous rejection of a germ;
  • helps to cope with nausea and toxicosis;
  • interferes with bleedings;
  • well influences nervous system.

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Advantage even apple grains as in them the maximum quantity of iodine is concentrated have. That the organism received standard daily rate of this microcell, it is enough to eat 7 seeds.

Fresh apples it is possible and it is necessary to use throughout all pregnancy, especially during the winter period when the choice of greens and fruit is small. In the first weeks of origin of new life this product will serve for future kid as the major construction material, and on late terms will be useful to mother at emergence of locks and also in need of cleaning of intestines.

Whether you know? In the world about 7500 grades of apples are cultivated. Leadership in production and export of these fruit for many years is held by China and the United States of America.

Krasnoboky juicy fruit contain digestible forms of iron, pectins and vitamins. They improve a blood count and control the hemoglobin level because of what are shown to pregnant women as an effective remedy from anemia.

Are considered as the most useful and in comparison with other color types of fellows differ in ability to split heavy food. Due to the lack of a pigment the green fruits are not capable to cause allergic reaction, but have sourer taste. According to experts, such food has to be present at the menu of future mother from the very beginning of pregnancy, she helps to cope with nausea and internal discomfort.

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If the addiction to sour green apples did not pass also after toxicosis attacks, you should not refuse to yourself them — it can be a signal of the active beginning of formation of a children's skeleton for what apple nutrients are very necessary. Often the thirst for sour decreases in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy when there is a formation of internals and the systems of the child.

For sweet teeth who expect the birth of the kid in the near future it is the real find. Dried fruits saturate an organism with nutrients and vital energy, for a long time satisfying hunger. At the regular use of such food the pregnant women manage to avoid dysfunction of bodies of a digestive tract. On the contrary, at women:

  • the correct mode of meal is set;
  • exchange processes are normalized;
  • the condition of skin and hair improves.

Important! Categorically sharp changes of a diet at an early stage of the 1st trimester of pregnancy are not recommended. During this period when there is laying of all bodies and formation of fabric covers of future kid, low-fat meat, fermented milk products, fish, the fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit are required for a maternal organism.

However excessive hobby for dried apples can turn back:

  • abdominal distension;
  • signs of a meteorizm;
  • gripes;
  • set of excess weight;
  • caries (in structure there are a glucose and fructose);
  • increase in level of sugar in blood;
  • poisoning that is shown by a severe headache, nausea, cough, suffocation and hypostasis of lungs (concerns only purchased products which in the course of production were exposed to processing by sulfur dioxide).

They are often called "health fruits" and ranked as dietary products. In such look the fruits keep the nutritious components, vitamins and minerals. And due to the soft structure they very well influence digestive bodies, facilitate advance of the eaten food and have light laxative effect. For this reason baked apples recommend in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, they:

  • help to normalize blood pressure;
  • strengthen walls of vessels;
  • reduce risks of tumors;
  • clean an organism.

Important! Consider that sour apples are shown to people with the lowered acidity of a stomach, and at raised, on the contrary, sweet fruits will be appropriate.

In day the pregnant woman has enough 1–3 fruits. This portion will allow to improve health and appearance and also obesity will warn. Besides the folic acids and vitamins which are present at structure of the baked fruits will provide to the baby the correct development of nervous system.

From all types of apples baked are much better acquired therefore it is very easy to lose control over amount of the eaten delicacy. It is necessary to notice that in cases of systematic excess of the recommended portions risks of exacerbation of colitis (what happens because of influence of rough cellulose) and also violation of work of bodies of a GIT are high.

Despite of the long list of useful properties of any kind of apples, their use it is authorized not to all. The women expecting the birth of the baby also should consider features of the organism and terms of pre-natal development of an embryo.

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For prevention of undesirable consequences the experts advise:

  1. To use home-made fruit, avoiding import which in the course of preparation underwent numerous processing by harmful chemicals.
  2. To refuse completely dried, fresh and even baked apples at various diseases of bodies of a digestive tract (ulcers, gastritises, pancreatitis). The ban is connected with properties of fruits to stimulate synthesis of hydrochloric acid and production of gastric juice that is capable to cause subsequently exacerbations of illnesses.
  3. If the beginning of pregnancy is followed by frequent attacks of toxicosis, it is better to refuse fresh fruit and apple juice in the first 3 months of formation of a germ. It is connected with the fact that the excess amount of hydrochloric acid in mother's stomach only strengthens nausea and discomfort.
  4. Not to be overzealous at all with eating of apple grains as among their components, except valuable iodine, is available also toxic amigdalin. Its surplus can become the cause of severe poisoning and even a lethal outcome.

Owing to the prevalence and a possibility of long-term storage, apples enjoy special popularity. However future mother will be able to take from them for herself and the kid at most of advantage only at observance of some rules:

  1. In the absence of contraindications and severe toxicosis it is recommended to eat fresh fruits every day from the very beginning of pregnancy on 1–2 pieces.
  2. The dried and baked apples suit the women having diseases of a digestive tract more. These products are recommended as dietary food at gastritises, pancreatitis, ulcers. For improvement of taste it is possible to bake apples with cottage cheese and also in honey caramel. Besides baked fruits will suit those at whom pregnancy is followed by severe toxicosis.
  3. It is better to enter fresh juice from apples into a diet, since 7th month of pre-natal development of a fruit. Drink will satisfy thirst, will sate an organism with useful components and will eliminate puffiness. According to experts, it is desirable to accept apple drink in the morning.
  4. If there is a wish for something new, from fresh fruit it is possible to make widely known Apple pie pie, a zephyr, a fruit candy, jam, compote, salad, sauce and it is a lot of other useful dishes. The main thing is not to overdo with addition of spices which can cause an allergy.

Whether you know? At pregnant women the sense of smell becomes aggravated by 11 times.

The easiest way to help the body to overcome double loading during incubation of the kid the apple fasting day is. It consists in restriction of food with some of these fruit. In a day them about 1.5 kg are required. It is the best of all to consume a product in the small portions for all day. Food can be washed down with fresh water or green tea without sugar. There are cases when the pregnant woman cannot hold on on apples alone. Then it is recommended to enter a small portion of kefir and cottage cheese into its diet.

Irrespective of pregnancy term, it is very useful to arrange such fasting days every 2 week. The only conditions for this purpose are:

  • good health;
  • absence of toxicosis;
  • absence of infectious and catarrhal diseases (otherwise it is necessary to wait for an absolute recovery).

Important! The diet of pregnant women has to be 300 kcal/day higher, than before pregnancy, but in the 1st trimester there is no need to increase its power value; in the 2nd 340 kcal/day are required in addition; in the third — 452 kcal/day.

If you are tormented even by the slightest doubts concerning relevance of food restriction and an apple diet, surely consult on this subject to the doctor. As you can see, the moderate amount of apples is capable to bring considerable benefit. This salutary effect is very important for women who prepare for motherhood, especially if the nobility how to use apples with the maximum benefit for an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team