As cook rum

As cook rum

The homeland prepare from the different recipes therefore it often differs on aroma and taste. However there are two main types of this drink – industrial rum and agricultural. Preparation of both types of rum differs from each other a little, it can be prepared also in house conditions.

Cooking on production

Preparation of both industrial, and agricultural types of rum begins equally – the lower part of sugar reed stalks is cut and crushed. Then the crushed stalks wring out for receiving juice which is purified and filtered. The treacle which remained after production of sugar and received as a result of boiling of reed juice acts as a basis for preparation of industrial rum. This juice is heated to consistence of syrup and crystallizing of sugar which then separate by means of centrifuges from treacle and refined. The remained treacle is located in the tank together with water, ferment and yeast, wanders, and then is distilled. Ready rum mixes up for receiving a special bouquet with cinnamon, vanilla, fruit additives and so on.

Production of agricultural rum happens only to Haiti and in the French departments by a sbrazhivaniye of a cane juice and yeast. The received distillers' beer is distilled then receive rum alcohol which fortress is from 55 to 80% of turns. This alcohol is diluted with the distilled water and spilled on the oak casks giving to rum a beautiful amber shade. In order that rum remained colourless, it is placed in metal tubs. Production of agricultural rum isn't so big as production of industrial – volumes of the last cover more than 90% of world brands.

Home cooking

To make rum in house conditions, it is necessary to take 1 liter of good vodka, 200 g of sugar, 500 pure ml, 50 ml of rum essence, on 10 ml of pineapple and vanilla essence and also 4 teaspoons of burned sugar. Water pours out in a pan, mixes up with usual sugar and heats up on average fire with continuous hashing. When sugar completely is dissolved, the pan needs to be removed from a plate and to dissolve burned sugar in the received syrup. Aromatics essence can be got in supermarkets or specialized online stores today. Vodka with essences needs to be mixed in a separate bowl and to pour in this mix in the sugar syrup cooled to room temperature, carefully having mixed. Ready rum needs to be poured on bottles from thick glass, to cork and put hermetically for a month to the dark dry place for insisting. A month later rum needs to be filtered, having filtered it through several gauze layers then drink can be taken as in pure form, and as a part of popular cocktails – for example, rum with Coca and "Mojito".

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