As do and than maple syrup is useful"

As do and than maple syrup is useful"

Today such product as maple syrup enjoys wide popularity. Demand for it promptly grows among people who lead a healthy lifestyle and watch the weight. In our article we will tell how it is done and what the advantage consists in.

From what as well as where do

For production of syrup use sweet juice of maple trees which grow practically on all globe. But, as maple syrup is traditional Canadian delicacy, about 80% of products turn out in Canada.

The production technology of delicacy consists of several stages:

  1. Collecting raw materials. To extract juice, in spring time choose trees with a trunk not less than 20 cm and the bulked-up kidneys, bore through in it is mute an opening, insert a tubule on which juice will slowly flow down in capacity.
  2. Then liquid needs to be boiled that it became more dense, at the same time vegetable juice from it will be evaporated.

Usually for production of syrup use juice from trees of family of Sapindrov. Carry a black, sugar and red maple to it.

Important! When collecting juice, in a tree it is necessary to do the opening which is not exceeding 5 cm in the diameter. Otherwise the product will have a bit different, worst quality.

The received product can be different flowers — from light-gold to dark amber. The shade depends on when juice was built. The later collecting was carried out, the product will be more dark. The dark grade differs in pronounced aroma therefore it is more often used for preparation of dishes. And here light grades use directly as syrup more often (most often water with this look fritters).

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Caloric content and chemical composition

Caloric content of 100 ml of maple syrup to make 260 kcal.

Contains in the same quantity of a product:

  • proteins — 0 g;
  • fats — 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates — 67 g;
  • food fibers — 0 g;
  • waters — 32.39 g.

The product contains the following vitamins:

  • B1 — 0.066 mg;
  • B2 — 1.27 mg;
  • B4 — 1.6 mg;
  • B5 — 0.036 mg;
  • B6 — 0.002 mg;
  • RR — 0.81 mg.

Among micro and macrocells in it contents is noted:

  • potassium — 212 mg;
  • calcium — 102 mg;
  • magnesium — 21 mg;
  • sodium — 12 mg;
  • phosphorus — 2 mg;
  • gland — 0.11 mg;
  • manganese — 2.908 mg;
  • copper — 18 mkg;
  • selenium — 0.6 mkg;
  • zinc — 1.47 mg.

Than maple syrup is useful

Let's consider what the advantage of a product for various systems of a human body consists in.

It is interesting to read about properties and use of syrups from a lavender and a liquorice.

For the immune system

The zinc and manganese which are a part of a product protect an organism from free radicals, clean blood vessels.

Zinc promotes increase in quantity and quality of T-lymphocytes, macrophages and V-cages which increase efficiency of the immune answer of an organism. Manganese is good antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory effect, promotes improvement of immunity.

For a cardiovascular system

Thanks to the fact that syrup contains zinc it is often used for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Zinc promotes maintenance of an endothelium in a healthy state, protects vessels from cholesterol and fats.

Besides, regular consumption of maple syrup promotes receipt in an organism of many useful minerals influencing the level of "bad" and "good" cholesterol in blood.

For the urinogenital system of men

It is noted that at the low level of zinc in a prostate, the risk of appearance of oncological diseases of a prostate significantly increases. For this reason doctors recommend to men to use maple syrup as it allows to reduce the sizes of gland and acts as the catalyst of fatty acids and level of cholesterol and also is directly involved in production of sex hormones.

For brain activity

According to the conducted researches, maple syrup can be used for prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular, of Alzheimer's disease.

Whether you know? In 50 ml of fragrant liquid there is more calcium, than in 200 ml of milk.

As a result of the use of a product the merge of two types of the proteins which are available in a brain stops. At their wrong connection there is a formation of a raid which provokes development of Alzheimer's disease and other diseases of a brain. Thanks to the regular use of fragrant liquid, there is no sputyvaniye and emergence of this raid.

For skin

Maple syrup is used also for maintaining health of integuments. When drawing it on skin, it is possible to get rid of inflammations, reddenings, spots and dryness. Also recipes in which except syrup, such components as raw milk, yogurt, oat flakes, crude medical enter are used. Drawing such mask on skin perfectly humidifies it, reduces quantity of bacteria and eliminates irritation.

The candied honey — an excellent alternative to expensive srubs for skin. Learn more about properties of types of honey: lime, buckwheat, akatsiyevy, chestnut, sunflower, flower, meadow, mountain, May.

Whether it is possible

Let's consider when the product is capable to bring benefit to a human body and when harm.

At pregnancy

At pregnancy it can be used, but in limited quantities. It is recommended to consult with the attending physician before entering this product into a diet. In moderate quantities the zinc which is contained in syrup will promote digestion of protein.

When feeding by a breast

During feeding by a breast, young mother can indulge herself with a small amount of maple syrup. Contain in it natural sugar which will act as milk sweetener, and at the same time they in an organism of the kid will be treated by useful minerals. However, it is worth remembering that to begin to enter a product into the diet costs gradually, at the same time watching reaction of the kid.

At diabetes

In spite of the fact that glucose, fructose and sucrose is a part, it is possible to use it for prevention of diabetes 2 types and already at the available diagnosis. The fact is that in a product there is high concentration of abstsizovy acid which stimulates secretion of insulin and promotes increase in sensitivity to it at fat cages.

At gastritis

As syrup includes not refined sugar, it can quite be used at gastritis as sweetener. Of course, you should not use too often this product especially as independent unit, but as ingredient to dishes it will not do harm to your health.

Application in cookery: where add what eat with

The most widespread method of use of natural sweetener — sauce to pancakes and fritters. It is ideally combined with flour products, and at the same time will not be reflected in a figure of sweet teeth as does not contain the refined sugars.

Important! Opinion that syrup neutralizes effect of usual sugar mistakenly: these products cannot be used together as a large amount of glucose gets to an organism that can have an adverse effect on health.

Besides, maple syrup is used for preparation of meat and fish marinades, from it prepare glaze for confectionery, sauce for ice cream. It can be fine substitute of sugar if you want to drink tea or coffee, at the same time the taste of drink will not suffer at all.

Read also about advantages and dangers of use of sweeteners: fructose, sucraloses, sukrazit.

To impact unusual relish and appeal to usual porridge, add to it several spoons of this fragrant liquid. Also it can be added to cottage cheese. A lung is also the recipe of a fruit dessert: it is necessary to cut strawberry, to mix it with cottage cheese of the lowered fat content and natural white yogurt then to add syrup.

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How to choose a quality product upon purchase

Unfortunately, because of big high cost of natural maple syrup, often on counters of shops it is possible to meet a fake. If on the label you find corn structure and also extracts of a maple tree — know, it is not a natural product, but cheap substitute.

Original syrup has translucent color, it should not be muddy. Its normal color — light or dark amber. The consistence has to be dense, a little oily, reminding honey.

Storage conditions

If the product is sealed, then it is possible to store it on an extent of several years at the room temperature. If capacity was open, then it is necessary to pour it in a container of their plastic or glass, to close densely a cover and to mark in the fridge. If you decided to store a product at the room temperature, choose the dry darkened places. Storage of syrup in the freezer is forbidden.

The period of storage in the fridge makes 3-6 months.

Whether can do much harm

In the real maple syrup there are no dyes, preservatives, fragrances therefore it has almost no contraindications. It can do harm to the person only on condition of individual intolerance. However, despite the harmless structure, you should not abuse a product nevertheless.

Whether you know? To receive 100 g of syrup, it is necessary to boil down 3-4 kg of juice of a maple.

Maple syrup — popular, tasty and useful sweet additive which is actively used both for prevention of various diseases, and as ingredient for preparation of many dishes. The moderate use of this product, will allow to improve the state of health and to enjoy its unsurpassed taste.

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