As easily and quickly to clean pomegranate

As easily and quickly to clean pomegranate

Purification of garnet often turns into the real test. It is difficult to cut it, without having soiled clothes and a cloth, and the separation of grains from a peel is represented incredibly long and boring process. And so there is a wish to enjoy amazing garnet taste quicker! Meanwhile, the way to peel pomegranate quickly and without splashes is very simple.

It is required to you

  • - knife;
  • - deep bowl with water;
  • - colander;
  • - small capacity for garnet grains.


1. Take in one hand of grenades so that its "tail" was from above. Having receded from top about 5 cm, make a circular cut of a peel, without touching grains. After that take off the turned-out peel "hat" – it separates quite easily.

2. Having bared the top part of pulp, you will see that it is divided into several segments by white soft streaks. Make longitudinal cuts of a peel along these a streak, still without touching grains. It is better not to bring cuts to the lowermost point of pomegranate on 2-3 cm.

3. Having made cuts, press on pomegranate from above thumbs of hands a little. It will be divided into the segments designated by cuts. After that it is possible to remove easily membranes and white core of pomegranate.

4. Take a deep bowl and fill it with water of room temperature. Turn the cut pomegranate a top from top to bottom, lower in water and a baking plate water fingers separate grains from a peel. It will allow you to avoid juice splashes completely. The bold unspoiled kernels at the same time will fall by a bowl bottom. Membranes and the spoiled grains, on the contrary, will emerge on a water surface.

5. Having ended cleaning, collect and you will throw out the emerged membranes and other garbage. In a bowl there will be water and seeds of pomegranate. By means of a colander filter water and lay out grains in convenient capacity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team